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If you listen to the experts, you know there are many opinions as to where mobile will go in the future. Is it mobile communications strategies, QR Codes, Near Field Communication (NFC), or something else?

App Developer Conferences (ADCs) are programmes led by some of the most influential companies in the mobile industry. They put together programmes that feature keynote presentations and/or panel discussions, and encourage audience participation and interaction on a wide range of topics.

Industry experts give insight on how to deal with obstacles to make an app a success and guidelines for future app development. Attendees will have the opportunity to find out what the key issues are and what lies ahead for the mobile app industry.

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Agenda At A Glance

partner_nokia_developer2 samsung
partner_wip_gsma Monday through Thursday, 24-27 February
09:00 – 19:00
Fira Montjuïc, Hall M5 (Mon-Wed)
13:30 – 15:30
Hall 8.0 Theatre District, Theatre A (Thu)

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