Car Connectivity Consortium

App Developer Conference


This year at MWC, MirrorLink™ was all about developers. The devcon offered everything attendees needed to know to efficiently create and deploy the world’s next generation of connected-car apps, whether they’re drive-aware versions of the ones we know and love or apps built specifically to enhance the connected driving experience. MirrorLink offers a one-stop-shop for interoperability between today’s most popular smartphones and cars. At MWC, the entire mobile ecosystem will have its eye on businesses that will transform our mobile lifestyles. And when it comes to apps, cars are a vast and relatively unclaimed territory.

Alan Ewing, President and Executive Director at Car Connectivity Consortium welcomed guests as they kicked offa a variety of sessions that included:

Why MirrorLink– one place for automotive apps – moderated by Antti Aumo (CCC)

In additon, there were panel discussion with expers – Glen Stone (Samsung), Mark Beckmann (Volkswagen), Doug Newcomb (Newcomb Communications & Consulting)

BUSINESS – Adapting established apps into the car with MirrorLink – moderator: Gautier Falconnet (PSA)

Panelists – Mariusz Lasek (Comarch), Eugene Tsyrklevich (Parkopedia), Timo Bauer (Glympse), Vincent Peña (Coyote)

INNOVATION Developing new MirrorLink apps and services, also using car data – moderator: Glen Stone (Samsung)

Panelists – Mike Courtney (Aperio Insights), Inaki Amate (Fjord), Edgar Figueroa (Wi-Fi Alliance)

TECHNICAL Practical aspects of MirrorLink app development, including driver distraction – moderator: Jörg Brakensiek (Nokia)

Panelists –Alan Ewing (CCC), Gautier Falconnet (PSA), Ed Pichon (CCC)



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