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ClickSoftware and IBM presented an exciting seminar: “Tomorrow’s Mobile Working, Today” and featured subject matter experts discussing the latest and greatest in Cloud and Mobile technology as well as Gamification for the enterprise. Attendees enjoyed the unique opportunity to win: Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0 and tryed them for themselves as they saw firsthand how mobile technology is changing the game in field service. Topics covered in this seminar included:

  • The Future of Mobile Working is a Reality, Today: Professor Moshe BenBassat, CEO ClickSoftware. Vision and innovation are the keys to a high performing business. In this presentation attendees learned about the next generation of mobile Enterprise apps, Artificial Intelligence in mobility, cloud trends for large enterprises, M2M and more. The future of mobile working is a reality, today.
  • Business Reinvention through Mobile: Shamayun Miah, Vice President and Partner, IBM. The early internet days, or e-business era, represented a fundamental business shift from a bricks & mortar model to an online commerce.  We are entering a new era of computing where mobile, social; analytics and cloud represent new and untapped opportunities for enterprises. Mobile capabilities are disrupting traditional business models, providing businesses with new sources of data and insight, and driving top- and bottom-line results. In this presentation, attendees heard about mobile enabled business scenarios, combined with the new opportunities powered by social, cloud and analytics.
  • Changing the Game in Field Service: Professional Gamer, Nimrod Mizrahi brings Gamification to the Enterprise. Attendees heard how they can engage and excite their workforce, increase productivity and improve service delivery with game tactics. In this presentation Nimrod shared the power of Achievement. 
  • Adopt, Motivate, Achieve and WIN: Gil Bouhnick, Vice President of Mobility, ClickSoftware: Mr. Bouhnick how companies canu use their own organization’s goals to create configurable, correlating or even progressive achievements – ClickSoftware’s ‘Achievements Center’ uses self-motivation to drive improved efficiencies in the field and deliver superior customer service.


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