The Art and Science of Storytelling in 2020

DolbyAccording to GSMA, by 2020, close to 4 billion people will be connected to the Internet through their mobile devices. As phones, tablets, wearables, and the Internet of things evolve to be smarter and are able to “see,” “hear,” and even “understand” the real world, they are changing how we consume content and interact between the digital and the real world. Technologists at Dolby think about mobile not only as a new canvas for creators to use for storytelling, but also as a tool to empower consumers to create and share more compelling, personalized stories. Plus new technology innovations like virtual reality are also changing how stories are told. One day, you will not just watch a story on a square screen in front of you—you will live inside the story and meet the characters in person.  Our panel of storytellers and innovators did a deep dive into how art and science come together to create the future of storytelling.

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