The Future of Mobile Entertainment


The Future of Mobile Entertainment

As mobile devices get faster and smarter, consumers expect better entertainment and gaming experiences on those devices.

There’s no question that more people are viewing video on their mobile devices. Accenture’s 2013 Video-Over-Internet study shows that the proportion of consumers watching full-length movies and TV series on a tablet grew from 27 percent in 2012 to 33 percent in 2013.

Separately, according to, the global mobile games market will grow 27.3 percent annually, to double by 2016 and reach $23.9 billion. These consumers are willing to sacrifice display size and quality in favor of mobility.

Device manufacturers have responded by increasing device screen sizes and resolutions, and the market has responded very well. But the content itself can also be tuned to maximize the mobile experience. To drive further innovation and differentiation, mobile ecosystem stakeholders are exploring new technologies and creative solutions to bring new consumer experiences to mobile.

While we can’t reproduce a home theater on the handset, the technological possibilities might surprise you. Opportunities include:

  • Upgraded visual quality, with better colors, brightness, and resolution
  • Improved audio quality, with wider dynamic range, truer fidelity reproduction, ambient noise cancellation, and immersive 3D sound
  • Enhanced experiences that truly leverage the mobile device, such as using the oscillators, the accelerometer, the GPS, the microphones, etc.
  • Connecting the phone to larger displays, where it functions as a game console or set-top box

At “The Future of Mobile Entertainment,” we brought together experts from Dolby and other industry leaders to discuss the near future. We engaged in an open discussion of what the opportunities are, what the technologies will be, and how business models will evolve around mobile entertainment. Watch this video to Learn More


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