2nd Health & Wellness @ Mobile World Congress

ECHAllianceThe European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) is the leading membership organisation in Europe bringing together health authorities, health providers, industry and academia to develop and deploy products and services to provide better care and economic opportunities.

ECHAlliance once again led the Mobile Health vertical programme at Mobile World Congress taking place at Fira Gran Via. The event created opportunities for meaningful engagement between healthcare and mobile stakeholders in order to identify and remove the obstacles delaying and preventing mobile health deployments.

The programme included the following sessions:

  • Opportunities in China
  • Connected Health around the World in 60 minutes
  • mHealth: impact on behaviours and decisions
  • Keynote – The Digital Revolution in Health – A Telefonica perspective
  • Connectivity for Healthcare Challenges
  • Keynote – Wearables Across the Spectrum of Care. From Prevention to Intervention
  • Integrated care and wellbeing
  • “Showcasing Innovation”
  • Keynote – Wearables and Smart Data, The Missing Link to the Internet of Things
  • Keynote – Wearables: beyond counting steps


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