Ernst & Young Post-Event Report

Developed with the support of the GSMA

Ernst & Young Post-Event Report

This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) was an extremely uplifting experience.  A great deal of pessimism has surrounded the mobile industry in recent years due to concerns over stalling growth, increasing competition and constraining regulation.  At Ernst & Young, we believe these fears are over-played, and that telecommunications plays a pivotal role in supporting socio-economic growth. This year at Barcelona, the mobile industry gathered to embrace the transformative nature of mobile as a force for innovation across all industries.


Ernst & Young is proud to be part of MWC again and support the GSMA in preparing this summary document. The document captures the aspects of this year’s event that are bringing mobile back to the forefront of investors’ minds. We are starting to see the ecosystem tackle the significant issues related to pricing of data services, enabling innovation as mobile transforms everything from payments to healthcare. All of these innovations offer tremendous growth potential, not only to mobile operators but also to the wider ecosystem that has been built up around them.

The industry has reacted positively in forming new kinds of partnerships within the ecosystem to tackle challenges head on. New pricing structures have been proposed to support monetization of data services and the industry is no longer afraid to tackle the issue of declining voice with more aggressive strategies in data and related next- generation services.

Of course, some challenges remain and this will always be the case. The industry needs to focus on simplifying its message of value to an increasingly sophisticated customer group. The industry also has much to do around collaboration to ensure that new forms of competition do not erode the investment case. Financial concerns remain in an environment of increasing capital requirements and constrained market structures.  However, MWC has once again demonstrated that the mobile industry has the resilience and the innovation to solve the key challenges facing our sector.

I would like to thank our team of analysts at Ernst & Young for the hard work done in preparing this document and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it.

Global Telecommunications Leader
Ernst & Young

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