EY Post-Event Report

The GSMA Mobile World Congress 2014 is testament to an industry that is evolving more dynamically than ever. Mobile technologies are creating new experiences for consumers and enterprises the world over, and the diversity of attendees at this year’s event underlines just how pervasive mobile has become to our lives.

Mobile World Congress continues to showcase the latest in technology advances while also offering an unparalleled platform for industry and government leaders to discuss and debate the latest opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

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As mobile penetration worldwide continues to rise and different industry sectors leverage mobile technologies to extend and improve their own service propositions, growth brings its own challenges. Widening use cases place an ever-greater premium on cross-sector collaboration, while closer relationships between mobile operators and technology vendors can also generate new efficiencies in industry value chains. For their part, mobile operators must pay close attention to new dynamics in their customer relationships: high levels of trust will be vital if new opportunities in big data are to translate into winning customer propositions, for example.

Greater consistency and predictability in the regulatory environment is also essential, whether in terms of data protection frameworks, spectrum release agendas or network sharing and consolidation scenarios. While large-scale migration to LTE services is now well under way, the full benefits of better mobile technology capabilities can be realized only through a supportive enabling environment that creates and safeguards incentives for investment.

The pace of innovation in the mobile industry is quickening all the time, whether in terms of mobile services themselves or the network infrastructure and architecture that underpin them. However, business models for many new service propositions remain in flux, and mobile operators must continue to work ever more closely with their ecosystem partners in order to ensure positive return on investment for all players.

Changing organizational mindsets have an important role to play, and this year’s Congress was notable for the positive tone struck by mobile operators as they consider the potential for partnerships with over-the-top (OTT) service providers.

The mobile industry retains an enviable position as a force for positive change in an increasingly digital global economy. EY is optimistic about the scale and scope of opportunities available to the mobile industry as industry players seek new routes toward profitable growth. EY is privileged to lead this summary of Mobile World Congress 2014, and I would like to thank both the GSMA and EY’s team of analysts in helping to prepare these insights.

Jonathan Dharmapalan
Global Telecommunications Leader

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