First-Time Attendee Tips

Is this your first time attending Mobile World Congress? Never fear, we have gathered some advice from seasoned MWC veterans to help you succeed. There is a lot to see and do, so make the most of your time and remember to enjoy yourself.


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First Time Attendee Tips

Before you arrive

Plan, plan, plan. The event can be quite intense, so plan as much as possible beforehand. We have several tools available to help you prepare now.

  • The eBrochure is full of event information that you can print and bring with you.
  • will always have the most-up-to-date information.  Do your initial planning with the eBrochure and then look for the latest information on the website.
  • Download the My MWC Event App now.  In addition to having all the event nformation while you are at the venue, you can also network with other attendees prior to arriving and set up meetings now.
  • Follow our social media channels to stay abreast of the latest activity, news, and announcements. Our hashtag this year is #MWC15.

Be proactive.  Identify important business contacts or companies and set up meetings in advance. Use the My MWC Event App to connect with other attendees and arrangement to meet onsite.  Also, use social networks to find and connect with people, find parties or discover other events around MWC.

Networking is key!  Prepare and practice an elevator pitch in advanced so you are comfortable describing your business.  You will have many opportunities to engage with people either formally or informally throughout the four days, but you may only have 30 seconds to make an impression.

Know your pass type.  There are many types of passes with different benefits, so make sure you know what access your pass allows.  You can also upgrade your pass at any time to enjoy more benefits.

Upon arrival in Barcelona

  • Pick up your badge early.   We have airport collection points and weekend hours at Gran Via so you can get your badge and avoid registration queues Monday morning. See the hours and locations for badge pick up.
  • Validate your NFC/Digital Badge photo.  The NFC/Digital Badge on the My MWC Event App allows you to use dedicated entry lanes without having to show your Photo ID every time.  You can validate your photo at the same time you pick up your badge.
  • Get your FREE Transport Ticket.  When you pick up your badge, make sure you also get your free transport ticket which is valid for the four event days (Monday – Thursday) for unlimited combined journeys using any means of transport within Zone 1 including metro, bus, and train.
  • Download My MWC Event App.  If you have not already downloaded the My MWC event app, do so before Monday. And, if you have, ensure you have the latest updates.  The My MWC Event App has useful event information and onsite tools for you to access while you are on the go.

During the event

  • Know your languages.  The official language of Barcelona is Catalan, although English and Spanish are widely spoken.   All event communications and signage are in English.  Outside of the event, carry a small card or piece of paper with your destinations written in Spanish and Catalan to show your taxi drivers.  Also, bring one of your hotel’s business card with you to make returning to your hotel easier.
  • Use the NFC/Digital Badge Ensure you validated your photo when you picked up your badge and use the dedicated entrance lanes.
  • Bring cash for lunch or a quick snack.  There is an ATM located in the South Entrance.  You can also use the order feature in My MWC Event App and pay with Paypal.
  • Don’t overplan.  While planning is key to MWC, leave 10% of your time to enjoy unstructured exploration.  Discovery is what makes MWC so much fun. 
  • Navigate the venue with the My MWC Event App.  We included 3D venue maps and indoor wayfinding to help you find the most expeditious way around the venue.  Then, allow plenty of time to get to your meetings.
  • Remove your badge when leaving the venue.  Wearing your badge or carrying branded bags can make you more obvious to pickpockets.  Always be aware of yourself and your personal belongings. Know where the nearest police stations is, as well as, the incident report number +34 900 77 2015.

Dress for Success

  • Be professional.  The typical dress at MWC is business/professional attire.  Bring one professional outfit in your carry-on, so you aren’t at the mercy of your luggage.  You don’t want to show up on Monday morning for an important meeting in your travel clothes.
  • Shoes are important.  Wear a pair of comfortable shoes and bring an extra pair with you.  The venue is quite large and you will be walking…. a lot.  Ladies, avoid high heels!   Don’t forget to join the Garmin Fit Challenge to see just how far you walked during the week. 
  • Bring a bag.  You will need a comfortable bag, backpack or rucksack to carry all of your essentials such as bottled water, the Exhibition Catalogue, exhibition collateral, phone chargers and the like.  Ensure it locks securely to avoid any mishaps.

Maintaining the Pace

  • Stay fuelled.  You will need energy to keep up the intense MWC schedule.  Ensure that have a good breakfast and bring some snacks with you.  Eat throughout the day and stay hydrated to keep your energy level up.  There are many catering points around the venue which are listed in the My MWC Event app and on signage around the venue.
  • Get refreshed.  Visit one of our ten Networking Gardens or one of our Networking Lounges at Fira Gran Via for some fresh air, conversation, and a moment of relaxation.
  • Enjoy the entertainment.  Join us Monday, 2 March from 16:30 – 18:30 in any of the Networking Gardens for complimentary food and drink as well as some great entertainment.
  • When in Rome.  The local culture is one of late dinners, so be prepared.  Restaurants will be busy and most residents don’t eat until around 10 p.m.  You can use the extra time to review the day’s meetings, plan for the next day or take a nap.
  • Take a break.  Don’t forget you are in the beautiful city of Barcelona.  Set aside some time to enjoy all the sights and sounds Barcelona has to offer.

MWC Essentials

  • Stay charged.  Every night, recharge your devices and carry extra batteries and chargers with you.  There are several charging points within Fira Gran Via in case you totally lose power.  A complete list can be found in the My MWC Event App or on signage around the venue.
  • Get connected.  There are free public Wi-Fi hot spots visibly marked around the venue.  Also, check with your service provider regarding your specific data plan so you won’t have any surprises when you receive your bill.
  • Take notes.  Some attendees find a notepad, pens, tablets, and cameras are useful during MWC.  The week goes by quickly, so you may find notes and pictures will help you keep track of the details.  Scan in business cards as soon as you are able so you don’t lose important notes and info.  Some attendees find a recording device is also useful.  You can review your recordings each night and extract the key information.
  • Bring your cards.  Networking is the name of the game, so bring twice as many cards as you think you will need.  Also, use the My MWC Event App to engage with other attendees.  With our robust networking powered by LinkedIn, you can keep track of new connections with ease.
  • Plug it in.  Barcelona uses the two-prong European plugs.  If you are traveling from any other area of the world, bring several plug converters. 
  • Stay healthy.  A small bottle of hand sanitiser will keep your hands fresh and germs at bay through those numerous handshakes.
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