HPDo you develop modern apps that enable enterprises to share information, sell goods and services and engage their customers? HP demonstrated what the next generation of applications will look like and how to accelerate delivery of secure, high quality apps that exceed your user’s expectations. Attendees discovered how Big Data, the cloud and the internet of things will take mobile apps to the next level.
Topics Included:
Development teams got to understand what the next generation of application will look like by HP.

Topic Speakers
Developing exceptional mobile and IOT solutions to delight your users
Today’s development teams face a myriad of challenges as they build and rapidly iterate applications and deliver them across the cloud to an ever-expanding set of devices. In this kick-off session Robert Youngjohns will describe HP’s vision of how developers can use the HP Software platform to build innovative new services that leverage mobile devices and big data to better understand, serve, protect, and captivate their customers.
Robert Youngjohns
Senior Vice President of HP Software
Stop rushing, Accelerate Mobile Testing
Mobile apps are flooding the market, but are you able to continuously deliver high quality on each new update? How do you maintain velocity and prevent a flood of bad reviews?  In this hands on session, you will be exposed to the newest mobile testing platform created by HP that allows you to transform your mobile testing practices into a repeatable and structured discipline.
Antoine Aymer
David Landsberg
Networks Happen – Don’t let your App be a victim
Your users are everywhere, your apps go with them, but how to can you ensure that your code will perform when the network changes all the time?  What happens when your user’s device suddenly loses its network connection or switches between wifi and 3G? What code frameworks perform best over mobile networks? In this hands on session, you will learn how you can include realistic network conditions as part of your agile, iterative app development.
Todd De Capua
Building Security into Mobile Apps; It’s Chaos out there
Many high profile mobile apps have been in the news for failures to use encryption, bad web service design, and privacy violations against users. Join us to look at the top vulnerabilities for mobile apps, explore secure coding solutions, and learn about how HP Fortify’s managed application security testing solution can help expedite the task of building security into the mobile application development lifecycle.
Jose Luis Gil Seara
From Low-Star to 5-Star: Redefining the Mobile App User Experience
Mobility is shaping the behavior of your mobile app users – they demand an exceptional user experience anytime and anywhere. Users are impatient with slow performance, intolerant of crashes, and avoid battery-hogging mobile apps. Today, 53% of users will simply delete mobile apps with poor performance and stability issues. In this session, you will learn how to measure the user experience, improve mobile app ratings, reduce abandonment and protect your revenue – without any code changes.  See how HP is redefining the user experience for mobile apps and helping you Measure, Focus and Improve on what matters.
Dan Haller
Eric Odell
IoT Deep Mobile Analytics
Learn how HP Haven OnDemand enables you to analyze all forms of data, including business data, machine data, and unstructured, human information. Developers can also leverage this innovative web service to create next-generation applications and services. With HP Haven OnDemand, customers, partners, and developers can tap into key components of the HP Haven Enterprise platform to gain blazing fast insights, rapid time to value, and analytics functionality on all types of data within minutes.
Martin Zerbib
Analytics for Next Gen App Development
Learn how the HP Haven platform, including Vertica, IDOL and Hadoop are empowering boundless applications in the big data revolution. HP partners are creating the next wave of on-premises SaaS, cloud, and appliance-based applications with the HP Haven Platform. The Haven platform is HP on-premises solution for analyzing all forms of data, including business data, machine data, and unstructured, human information.
Chris GoodFellow
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