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Differences between session types & pass requirements

There are many different types of learning opportunities, sessions and seminars at Mobile World Congress. We know it can be confusing, so here’s a list of the available options so you can better understand our terminology, plan your time at Congress, and determine which pass type is best for you:

Conference Sessions  

Our Conference programme is a key component of Congress, featuring executives from leading companies in the mobile space and experts from adjacent industries which are Creating What’s Next. Sessions are composed of presentations, panel discussions and audience questions.

The only way to view conference sessions is to hold a Platinum, Gold or Silver Pass. Pass holders also receive access to presentation materials after the event. Video excerpts may be shown later on, but for maximum impact, you will want to be present for the entire session.

Note: All Conference sessions and Keynotes will take place in Hall 4, in the centre of Fira Gran Via. Please note that access into Hall 4 is restricted to Platinum, Gold or Silver Pass holders.

Keynotes   industry-learning-3

Our morning Keynote sessions are part of the conference programme (see above) and therefore require a Platinum, Gold or Silver Pass for entry.

Mobile World Live Keynotes  

Keynotes advertised as ‘Mobile World Live Keynotes’ are streamed live on and may be viewed by anyone with a computer or mobile device. We will offer viewing areas throughout Fira Gran Via where these can be viewed by Exhibition Visitor Pass holders, but only the Platinum, Gold and Silver Pass holders are allowed in the auditoria and relay rooms.

App Developer Conferences   

App Developer Conferences (ADCs) are sessions specifically for the app community. Led and managed by our App Planet Supporting Sponsors, these featured programmes allow developers and members of the mobile app community to meet platform and device manufacturers, receive insights and help in marketing apps, and network with other developers.

App Developer Conferences are open to all pass holders, however attendees must pre-register their interest in attending ADCs. The Supporting Sponsor hosting the ADC will contact attendees directly to confirm attendance at their event.  Please note attendees are welcome to attend multiple ADCs, even concurrent ADCs.

Forum Series  

Our Forum Series was introduced in 2011 and has proven to be wildly popular. Forums are focused on a single industry topic, such as Mobile Cloud, LTE, or Green Technology. They are led by four leaders in that particular topic. Attendees can attend part or all of the day-long Forums.

Like App Developer Conferences, attendees may be of any pass type but must pre-register their interest in attending Forum Sessions. Our Forum Partners will contact attendees directly to confirm attendance at that session.

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