LTE and Backhaul Forum

LTE and Backhaul ForumDate: Tuesday, 03 March 2015
Time: 14:00 – 18:30
Location: Hall 8.0, Theatre D
Recommended Audiences: LTE, IP Architecture, Network Designers, Network Operators, Backhaul

LTE Networks and the Future of Backhaul: Addressing the Challenges of Deployment

The LTE and Backhaul Forum presenters will discuss best practices, challenges, and solutions for these two technologies. Presenters will discuss the latest advances in LTE and how this all-IP architecture continues to revolutionise current network designs, providing challenges and opportunities for network operators. Backhaul presenters will discuss topics such as technological advancement, capacity, network build and roll out, QoS optimisation, financial investment, and the favourable combination of technology.

Agenda at a Glance

Time: 14:00-16:15

Expanding the LTE boundaries

While LTE deployments are still a challenge for operators, the increasing adoption of LTE devices is pushing the industry to deliver new answers. Increased traffic and customer expectations are driving solutions such as LTE-A, FDD/TDD convergence with carrier aggregation and adaptive antenna system implementations.

In this LTE & Backhaul session, operators and vendors will share their experiences and solutions to effectively drive this innovation road, with the 5G destination in the horizon.

Juniper Networks
Time: 16:15-18:30

Telco and the Road to 5G

The mobile network is under pressure to meet the demands of growing smartphones and data usage, but also enterprise applications and the internet of everything.

We’ll cover the transformation to a Telco Cloud – an agile, customer-centric platform for service innovation. A combination of service provider, analyst and vendor perspectives combined with real-world learning will explore where to start, what applications will deliver the best ROI, and what services will create value for your customers. From SDN in the access network, to data center evolution, and NFV for service creation, this session will prepare you for a telco cloud architecture and the road to 5G.

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