Mobile Security Forum

A day-long programme focused on mobile security

Smartphones and tablets are the logical next target for viruses, malware, and spyware. The Mobile Security Forum is designed to enable developers and solution providers to focus on mobile security issues and learn about new tools and techniques coming to market.



Trust and Privacy in the Internet of Things

The enthusiastic uptake of mobile devices has rapidly led to the Internet of Things becoming a reality. With it comes the complexity of connecting your devices together and keeping them up to date and secure. People are no longer sure if they can trust those devices to work as they should, or to keep personal information safe, private and within their control. AVG will discuss how to bring back simplicity to our digital world.


FingerQ : Biometrics Mobile Security Forum

Instant messaging for personal and business, mobile payment, and financial related applications are getting popular. Awareness of identity and privacy has been increasing. We will discuss revolutionary ways of protecting one’s privacy and authentication of the one’s identification using biometric information collected from the mobile handsets or devices. This will provide an accurate authorization for financial transactions, on-line shopping, social networking, and etc., without going through a third party as an authority for certification of authenticity.

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