Mobile World Capital

[Re]discovering Barcelona

Mobile World Capital presents a global vision that effectively integrates mobile technologies into the fabric of the industries transforming our lives.  It is committed to expanding the mobile experience throughout Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain with strong support of the public and private sector. MWCapital is consolidating Barcelona as a benchmark city for new mobile technologies.


Mobile World Capital is leading the mobile transformation with commitments in:

  • Competence Centres: This programme embraces mobile technologies as an opportunity for change in the areas of mHealth, mEducation and mSmartCities in alignment with the global and European agenda.
  • Industry Development: Bringing together key local industry sectors to develop and expand the reach of mobile technology solutions.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Designed to foster and promote local mobile initiatives by developing the network of local and international agents.


In addition to Mobile World Congress, MWCapital also offers an open platform and exhibition showroom where citizens are able to understand and experience how mobile is enhancing our lives: The Mobile World Centre, located in the heart of Barcelona on Plaça Catalunya.

The Centre is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 10:00 – 21:30, admission is free. Guided tours will be held Monday & Tuesday at 5pm and 8pm. To book please email:

MWCentre comprises permanent and temporary exhibitions that offer optimal conditions as a global showcase for mobile innovation.  The exhibitions meld culture and technological innovation bringing together a wide variety of audiences.


Created by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, the event will provide a real hands on experience that will help entrepreneurs get to the next level. The event includes a wide program of conferences, workshops, pitches and expert meetings designed to cater all the needs of the mobile entrepreneurial environment. It will gather the best mobile industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs and digital experts along with renowned accelerators, incubators and investors.

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