mYouth Camp

Learning by doing

For the first time, we’re bringing a mobile world experience to your children. This year we are providing an mYouth Camp within Fira Gran Via for 8 to 14-year-old children of Congress attendees.


mYouth Camp offers excitement, fun and friendship to children. Campers learn new skills and enjoy healthy fun with new friends. Whether your child is conquering our climbing wall, learning how to mix tracks as a DJ, or producing a piece of work via 3D printing, they’ll be learning all the time. Our programmes are designed to build confidence and inspire children to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

The Camp will operate across all four event days, providing a variety of activities to educate and entertain children while their parents attend the Event.


“Learning by Doing”

Specialist instructors will briefly show the children the basis of each workshop (the different materials and processes) and give a demonstration. After that, the children will be able to experiment each activity for themselves, with the objective of encouraging their creativity and imagination and acquiring new knowledge. They will do the activities themselves, albeit always under the supervision of the instructor who will help out if needed.

The philosophy of the programme is to empower children to discover their interests and hidden talent by providing motivation, basic insights and elements.

During the week, children participating in mYouth Camp will have the opportunity to participate in a number of different activities, including digital painting, photography, 3D printing and sculpture, DJ-ing, basketball, climbing wall, Pilates, freestyle footballing, and a cinema room, among others.

As we will be welcoming children from across the globe, we will be sharing some of the local culture with them, providing a short Spanish language class each day, equipping them with a fantastic new skill.


About the Provider

The Merchanservis Group, through its various companies, has been organising multiple extracurricular activities since 1986 for children and teenagers, contributing to the education and health of children through education, sports and leisure.

Merchanservis, a leader in the Spanish market for childcare provision, develops programmes of activities grouped under the following learning approaches:

  • Psychomotor learning: activities through play and fun aimed at improving motor development of children: balance, rhythm, movement coordination, orientation and breathing.
  • Sport initiation: introduce the child to the practice of various sporting activities, providing them a wide range of driving and educational experiences
  • Specific Technical Workshops: Merchanservis plan and conduct different workshops taught by specialized technicians in each topics.

Merchanservis supplements quality and continuity in the work performed by parents and schools during the development of the child. Therefore, sports, recreational, educational and cultural activities, aim to educate and entertain children during their free and leisure time.

Merchanservis provide for all their activities and workshops a solid and experienced team, meeting all standards and regulation which govern the Leisure Activities in which they participate (Youth General Secretary of the Government of Catalonia).

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