Power Hours

The Power Hour sessions are comprised of industry leaders that deliver a specific message or announcement, host a product demonstration on a topic of their choosing or interact with the mobile community. These sessions allow attendees to engage in an hour long partner presentation.

Partners  Sessions included:

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Over 40% of all mobile applications depend on the positioning delivered by Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). In fact, millions of people use Location Based Services (LBS) everyday, creating a wealth of business opportunities. Galileo, the European GNSS, opens the door to new possibilities for mobile applications, offering enhanced location information for mobile devices. Presented by the European GNSS Agency, the Galileo Power Hour highlighted the latest trends in location-enabled consumer applications and Galileo contribution to freely available ubiquitous location for developers and users.



Stay protected, stay connected – it’s all coming together for a tech revolution

Protecting & Connecting
Stay protected, stay connected. It’s sound advice for you and for your systems. The technology world has seen its share of revolutions and today’s current trends are no exception. The insatiable demand for increasingly smaller electronics and constant connectivity between devices challenges us all. Applying 115 years of industry perspective, we look back at lessons learnt from past revolutions and highlight solutions that are making some of the most popular products possible today and tomorrow.



Accelerating NFV Through Open Source Software Collaboration


At this session attendees  learned about Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) and how to participate in the project. The power hour session will took the form of an interactive panel discussion with the following industry leaders who have come together to collaborate and build a carrier-grade, open source reference platform for NFV.

Sandra Rivera, Intel, Marketing Chair, OPNFV (Moderator)

Hui Deng, China Mobile

Margaret Chiosi, AT&T

Sanjeev Mervana, Cisco

Martin Bäckström, Ericsson

Chris Wright, Red Hat

OpenDaylight: An Open Source Platform for SDN, Network Programability, and NFV


OpenDaylight is an open source platform for network programmability to enable SDN and create a solid foundation for NFV for networks at any size and scale. The community is comprised of hundreds of developers working across company lines to collaborate on an open, common architecture for SDN and NFV to pave the way for interoperability. The project is aggressively working on its third software release, Lithium, aimed at users who want to leverage SDN in true production environments. This Power Hour will provided attendees an overview of the open source SDN platform, discuss what’s coming in the Lithium platform release, and provide a forum for discussion as the networking industry shifts toward open source in software-defined networks.


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