SamsungDate: Wednesday, 04 March 2015
Time: 09:00 – 19:00
Location: Hall 8.0 Theatre District, Theatre A
Recommended Audiences: App Developers, Devices, Digital Media, Electronics

Samsung Developer Day 2015

Now in its 5th year at Mobile World Congress, Samsung has continued to educate the App Developer ecosystem. In 2014, Samsung took their attendees on a “Journey to the Possibility”, by providing helpful opportunities to:

  • Customers: Experiencing Smart Life utilising contents and services of Samsung
  • Partners: Developing differentiate apps and creating new business opportunities by Samsung SDKs
  • Samsung: Collaboration with partners, providing contents and services specialised in Samsung devices

The Samsung App Developer Day is a great opportunity for attendees to exchange ideas with fellow developers and for Samsung to showcase what they’ve been working on in support of their growing developer community. Samsung is currently developing their programme agenda.

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