Visit specialised exhibition areas to explore products and solutions with specific themes. The 2015 exhibition will feature more than 1,900 companies and occupy 98,000 square metres of net exhibition and hospitality space across eight exhibition halls and numerous outdoor spaces. Ours is, by far, the largest mobile industry exhibition of its kind, and showcases anything and everything related to mobile.

Exhibitors represent all horizontal and vertical sectors of the mobile industry. We feature certain zones and pavilions distributed in various areas of the main exhibition halls designed to highlight specific sectors of the industry. Below is a list of pavilions and zones we’ll be highlighting in 2015:

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App Planet Exhibition

Hall 8.1 App Planet
App Planet Exhibition showcases the products and services that are shaping mobile every day More than 200 app-specific exhibitors showcase their apps and technology in App Planet.


Cloud Pavilion

Hall 8.1 App Planet
The Cloud Pavilion explores the growing number of cloud solutions and capabilities, while demonstrating how mobile technology can benefit from integrating smart cloud solutions.


Country Pavilions

Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 5, Hall 6, Hall 7, Hall 8.0, Hall 8.1, and Congress Square
Interested in doing business in or with a certain country or region? Several countries from around the world gather their fellow exhibitors at Congress. The services and solutions provided by each exhibitor in the pavilion may vary, but they’re united by their flag.

  • Argentina – Hall 6
  • Austria – Hall 8.1
  • Belgium – Hall 7
  • Brazil – Hall 8
  • Canada – Hall 7
  • Catalonia – Congress Square and Hall 8.1
  • Colombia – Congress Square
  • Denmark – Hall 6
  • Estonia – Hall 8.1
  • Finland – Hall 5
  • France – Hall 5 and Hall 8.1
  • Germany – Hall 6, Hall 7 and Hall 8.1
  • Greece – Hall 8.1
  • Hungary – Hall 7
  • India – Hall 6
  • Iran – Hall 5
  • Ireland – Hall 7
  • Israel – Hall 2 and Hall 5
  • Italy – Hall 8
  • Japan – Hall 8.1
  • Republic of Korea – Hall 1, Hall 7 and Hall 8.1 App Planet
  • Mexico – Hall 1
  • Morocco – Hall 7
  • Norway – Hall 6
  • Pakistan – 8.0 – Exhibition and Theatre District
  • Poland – Congress Square
  • Romania – Hall 6
  • Spain – Congress Square
  • Sweden – Hall 7
  • Switzerland – Hall 8.1
  • Tunisia – Hall 5
  • Turkey – Hall 5
  • United Kingdom – Hall 7 and Hall 8.1
  • United States (Idaho) – Hall 8
  • United States (Illinois) – Hall 5 and Hall 8.1
  • United States (Washington) – Hall 8.1


Green Technology Pavilion

Hall 7
Whether it’s self-recharging fuel cell energy storage or a hybrid wind and solar storage solution, the Green Technology showcases companies creating efficient and sustainable products and solutions.


GSMA Innovation City

Hall 3
The GSMA Innovation City builds on the hugely successful Connected City by enabling visitors to see first-hand how mobile-connected products will enrich our living and working environment in cities across the world in a fully integrated immersive experience.

For more information on the GSMA Innovation City, click here.


GSMA Pavilion

Hall 3
The GSMA Pavilion in the midst of the GSMA Innovation City hosts GSMA’s many programmes and initiatives, including Mobile Commerce, Future Communications, Connected Living, Mobile for Development, and more.

For more information on the GSMA Innovation City, click here.


Mobile Money Pavilion

Hall 7
The increased use of smartphones in both developed and developing nations, as well as the rising popularity of mobile money applications, are bringing changes to the way we move money.


Wearables Pavilion

Congress Square
From smart watches and smart glasses to health bands and smart fabrics, wearables are big business to mobile. Stop by this pavilion to see the variety of fun – and sometimes life-saving – wearable devices available.


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