What you can do?

There are three important things you can do in the event to help the environment:

1. Offset your carbon footprint

Your flight, accommodation, transportation and food choice generates an impact on the environment. We can help the environment by offsetting our footprint. Follow four simple steps here to calculate and offset your carbon footprint in MWC19:

2. Recycle your badge

Do you know that if every attendee recycled their badge, the carbon footprint of the event would decrease by the equivalent carbon absorption of about 540 trees? Help us recycle your badge to reduce our environmental impact. You can find the recycle bins located at the exits of the event.

3. Minimise your impact

What is the Environmental Programme?

We are a carbon neutrality programme committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment, both in our offices and at our events. We work closely with Barcelona City Council, L’ Hospitalet City Council, Fira Barcelona, exhibitors and local partners to minimise the impact of our event.
Our objectives are to:

Improving every year

We have been certified carbon neutral from 2014 to 2018 and achieved the recognition as “The World’s Largest Carbon Neutral Trade Show” by the Guinness World Records in 2015, 2016, a record we are pursuing for 2018. We are constantly working on new initiatives, and aim to generate the least waste possible by recycling or donating the majority of event material. Our main achievements:

  • Guinness record for World’s Largest carbon neutral trade show in MWC15 and MWC16
  • Creation of a Green Initiative Logo for all our green initiatives
  • Launch of the Donation Room Programme in MWC16
  • GSMA is committed to reinforce the impact of the SDG’s launching them at MWC17
  • Creation of the Green Stand Initiative in MWC15 to calculate exhibitors carbon footprint
  • All our event related materials are printed locally and on recycled paper
  • We’re dedicated to reduce plastic. In MWC18, 80% of the cups were biodegradable or chinaware
  • 90% of all tableware in our catering outlets is made from biodegradable materials
  • Lanyards are made from recycled post consumer plastic bottles
  • Our Fira Gran Via venue has photovoltatic roof with 18,000 solar panels. Able to generate renewable energy

Our plans for MWC19

  • MWC Donation Room

    Since 2015, we offer a Donation Room to all exhibitors to donate materials from their MWC stand to local socially responsible entities that are making an impact in Barcelona and L’Hospitalet. In MWC18 we gathered 31,5 tonnes of materials and we benefited more than 20 social and cultural entities.

  • The Green Stand Initiative

    We provide a free carbon footprint study to space only exhibitors to understand their impact on the environment and help them become more sustainability efficient stands for future events.

  • Sustainability Webinars

    In partnership with the Green Electronics Council we will provide a five-part webinar series to explore how sustainability initiatives in a variety of sectors are being accelerated by mobile technology. Join us by registering here

Barcelona is proud to be a Biosphere World Class Destination – Since 2011, the city holds the Biosphere responsible tourism certificate in line with the international criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council

We love to hear your ideas.
Send us your comments here: sustainability@gsma.com

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