Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017


General MWC Information

When does Mobile World Congress 2017 occur?

Mobile World Congress 2017 will take place Monday, 27 February through Thursday, 2 March, 2017, in Barcelona, Spain.

We encourage attendees to arrive over the weekend before the event begins in order to claim their badge and to maximise their time when the event begins on Monday.

Where does MWC take place?

The event takes place at Fira Gran Via conference facility in Barcelona, Spain. Additional activities will take place at Fira Montjuïc, located 2 kms away. Click here for addresses and more information.

What languages are spoken?

Nearly every language is spoken at the event — we have attendees from 200 countries. However, all event communications and signage are in English.

How long does it take to get to _______?

Fira Gran Via is a deceptively large venue, and it’s essential to allow enough time to get from one location to another. It’s not uncommon to walk a full mile before you ever make your first appointment! We recommend allowing a full 20 minutes to get from the North Entrance to the South Entrance. This is another reason it’s essential to determine the best entrance to use each day depending on your daily plan.

Approximate walking times are as follows:

  • South Entrance to Hall 1: 2 minutes
  • South Entrance to Hall 2: 4 minutes
  • South Entrance to Hall 3: 6 minutes
  • South Entrance to Halls 4, 5 & Congress Square: 10 minutes
  • South Entrance to Halls 6 & 7: 14 minutes
  • South Entrance to Hall 8.1: 18 minutes
  • South Entrance to Hall 8.0 & North Entrance: 20 minutes
  • North Entrance to Hall 8.0: 2 minutes
  • North Entrance to Hall 8.1: 4 minutes
  • North Entrance to Halls 6, 7 & Congress Square: 6 minutes
  • North Entrance to Halls 4 and 5: 10 minutes
  • North Entrance to Hall 3: 15 minutes
  • North Entrance to Hall 2: 18 minutes
  • North Entrance to Hall 1 & South Entrance: 20 minutes
  • VIP Drop-Off Point to Hall 3: 2 minutes
  • VIP Drop-Off Point to Hall 4: 6 minutes
  • VIP Drop-Off Point to South Entrance: 10 minutes
  • VIP Drop-Off Point to North Entrance: 14 minutes

Please note the above times take into consideration our attendee foot-traffic but do not account for any queues at access points or the time required to pick up your badge at Registration.

What is 4YFN (Four Years from Now)?

What is 4YFN?

4YFN is an international programme, presented by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and GSMA, that brings together best mobile start-ups and entrepreneurs with investors, accelerators, incubators and big corporations from digital and non-digital worlds. Please click here for more information.

Who should attend 4YFN?

  • International mobile & digital entrepreneurs
  • Global venture capital firms
  • Business Angels & private investors
  • Corporate innovation directors
  • R&D directors and managers
  • Innovators and very early adopters
  • Incubation and acceleration managers
  • Development agencies and governments
  • Hackers and makers
  • Mobile developers
  • Universities and other education centers specialized in entrepreneurship and tech
  • Research centres & corporate labs
  • Specialised media

Hotels & Travel

Should I wait to book hotel and airline reservations in case prices come down?

We recommend booking hotel and flights sooner rather than later. With airlines, you’ll find the best flight options and more seat availability the earlier you book. With hotel rooms, the sooner you book the better the location you’ll secure. We strongly recommend you book your travel using our official travel partner, b network. Not only are they very familiar with our event, they’re trusted partners who will ensure a seamless, guaranteed experience.

Not yet sure of your exact plans or when to arrive? Most attendees arrive into Barcelona the weekend before the show, in order to pick up their badge and familiarise themselves with the venue and transport routes before the event begins. MWC events officially begin Monday morning, 27 February 2017.

How do I get an international visa invitation letter?

If you require an invitation letter to enter Spain, you’ll have the option to request one while you are registering for the event.

Do you provide shuttles between Fira Gran Via and local hotels?

Official Hotel Shuttle buses are provided free-of-charge for attendees who have booked hotels through our official accommodation provider b network, and where public transport is not available. Many, many hotels are conveniently accessed by the Barcelona Metro and FGC trains.


I submitted a proposal in the call for papers process. When will I be notified if I was chosen to speak?

Our speaker management team will contact you to advise whether your proposal has been accepted, no later than two months before the event begins.

I’m speaking; do I register myself for Mobile World Congress?

Conference and keynote speakers will be contacted directly by the speaker management team with instructions on how to register.

If you are speaking at an event or programme other than the official Conference programme, please contact the organiser for that event for instructions on how to register.