26 February - 1 March 2018

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Categories for the 2018 GLOMO Awards
We are excited to introduce The GSMA 2018 GLOMO Awards – revamped and refreshed, in line with themes shaping the digital space worldwide.

This year, we will be awarding 38 awards under 8 categories. From mobile innovation for automotive, health, retail, travel, education and smart cities to technology breakthroughs for smartphones, wearables, network infrastructure, systems and IoT evolution, there is a category for every player in the digital eco-system to enter here. Have a look through our brand new themes that also include a number of new and exciting awards.

Mobile Tech

Mobile technology affects the everyday lives of more than 5 billion people worldwide, transforming industries and contributing to the global economy. Networks and technology are at the epicentre of mobile innovation, and this category seeks to award the companies that are revolutionising the capabilities and reach of mobile and digital technology.

Awards in this category are:

GLOMO Mobile Tech

Best Mobile Network Infrastructure

The Best Mobile Network Infrastructure award recognizes the importance of the fundamental elements of the mobile network; the Radio Access Network (RAN), the transport and back haul and the Core Network (CN). These make up the ‘engine room’ of any mobile operator’s network and are paramount to the success of any operator’s business. This award is particularly looking for entries that demonstrate substantial reductions to the life cycle costs of operating a network.

2017 Winner
Huawei for Active Antenna Unit (AAU) Network System

Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough

The Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough award highlights the contribution that Mobile Operators, manufacturers, and suppliers make to increase mobile usage, expand the user experience, and help expand business opportunities.
It is designed to capture breakthrough technology enhancement in the entire mobile ecosystem. This very wide ranging space includes components, microprocessors, memory, chips sets, screens, audio, batteries, operating systems, APIs to name but a few and even looks at design innovation and form-factors. It recognises the tremendous diversity of the mobile eco-system as it continues to innovate and add new dimensions to the customer experience.

2017 Winner
Altiostar for Altiostar vRAN (Virtual RAN) Solution

Best Network Software Breakthrough

This award is designed to highlight outstanding innovations that are changing the way that future software-based networks function, leading to dramatic changes in network costs, functionality and/or business cases. Including, but not exhaustive to the use of NFVs and SDNs.

2017 Winner
This category is new for 2018

Best Mobile Authentication & Security Solution

This award will recognise the best use of technology to safeguard customers’ personal data and/or help network operators and service providers’ combat fraudulent access to networks.
This applies to products and solutions deployed on the full range of the mobile (or cellular) networks and services. We are looking here for network based products and solutions that protect customers and/or networks against fraud, hacking and cyber-attacks.

2017 Winner
Samsung SDS for Samsung Mobile Security Management Suite

Outstanding Mobile Technology Award (The CTO’s Choice)

The Overall Mobile Technology winner will stand as the ‘supreme’ champion of mobile technology for 2018 and as such, be recognised with this special achievement.
Our panel of distinguished industry experts (comprised of more than 20 CTOs, from every continent) select the overall technology winner from the four best ‘Mobile Tech’ in 2018 award winners.
Entries are not required for this award (see below)

2017 Winner
Altiostar for Altiostar vRAN (Virtual RAN) Solution

The process is as follows: The winner from each of our four Mobile Tech awards (shown below) will be put before our panel of CTO judges to select what, in their opinion, is the Outstanding Mobile Technology Award winner for 2018.

  • Best Mobile Network Infrastructure
  • Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough
  • Best Network Software Breakthrough
  • Best Mobile Authentication & Security Solution

The judges will be looking at how well entries meet the key criteria, as follows:

  • In the opinion of the CTO judging panel, it has the potential for the greatest impact on the mobile industry
  • The entry has stand-out credentials in innovation, customer experience enhancement, cost reductions, extending the mobile eco-system or improving Mobile Operator revenues
  • The entry has some unique features and functions and displays some original thinking on behalf of the entrant
  • It is just what we (as mobile networks) need right now!



Every sector is facing a technological revolution as consumers migrate to the connected digital age. This category honours companies who have redefined the business-to-consumer relationship, from a transaction to an interactive and personalised dialogue.

Awards in this category are:

GLOMO Consumer

Best Mobile Operator Service for Consumers

This highly popular award seeks to recognise the best operator service or solution for delivering seamless access to mobile users. It highlights the critical importance of network delivered solutions and services which are rich and sophisticated, developed to offer outstanding services to the end user.

The entry may be delivered on new platforms or existing platforms in the network but must be network centric. Hosted platforms and services are eligible in this category as long as the elements form part of an extended mobile ‘network’.

2017 Winner
Vodafone Group for Vodafone Smart Pricing

Best Mobile Service for the Connected Life

Mobile innovation to enhance the connected life never stops unlocking new experiences every day; experiences that make life more efficient, enjoyable, informative, safer and smarter.

This award showcases the very best and most compelling services that allow people to do more through their mobile device and in better ways than ever before. Whether that is to communicate, organize, socialise, find information, enjoy and share media or make purchases on mobile devices anywhere and at any time.

The Best Mobile Service for the Connected Life award is open to entry for all players in the mobile eco-system involved in developing and delivering services in the key lifestyle segments. Such as health and wellbeing, smart homes, commerce and shopping, social networking, education and learning, fashion, sports, publishing, media, games and entertainment, automotive, transport and travel and leisure, utilities and indeed any other areas where being connected enables a smarter, stress free and enjoyable way of life.

2017 Winner
New to 2018

Best Use of Mobile Marketing

Through the explosive growth of smartphones and the widespread roll-out of broadband networks, the mobile advertising media and marketing sector is continuing to expand, evolve and flourish at lightning speed. As a result, global brand spend is gravitating rapidly toward the mobile platform, as advertisers and creative agencies strive for new levels of consumer engagement, activation and transactions through mobile first campaign strategies.

The Best Mobile Marketing award is for creative, brand and marketing leadership to showcase innovative campaigns and platforms that are driving a huge shift in the battle for consumer attention and active engagement. From entry-level campaigns through to fully integrated cross-channel advertising i.e. from sophisticated in-app advertising, intelligent use of big data and context, branded content and integration with social media, this award highlights excellence in the use of the mobile medium to target and reach customers in innovative, responsible, personalized, contextual and ever more creative ways.

2017 Winner
PHD Media for Kheloge Toh Jeetoge

Most Innovative Mobile App

For the Most Innovative Mobile App award, we are seeking genuine technical, commercial or business model innovation in a mobile app that benefits consumer or enterprise users with unprecedented new functionality, features, content, use cases, accessibility value or convenience.

This award recognises developers that are moving the app experience and market to the next level in terms of technology and business model leadership. Areas include: AI, modular design or creative UIs, augmented reality, social media integration, innovative new thinking for the cloud, new commerce solutions, the use of device functionality such as sensors, VR, AR, UHD or 360˚ cameras, task oriented apps, apps that serve and drive the Internet of Things or unlock compelling new mobile based capabilities for users.

The App in question could be new. We don’t necessarily need to see uptake in the market. We want our judges to spot the trending App before it trends. Innovation, the potential for longevity and a balanced business plan are the highest -ranking aspects we are looking for.

2017 Winner
Sliide Airtime Africa for Sliide

Best Overall Mobile Consumer Innovation (The Judges’ Choice)

Connected devices have penetrated every aspect of the consumer’s life, resulting in relentless innovation across device and services. This award will recognise a company who has truly disrupted the mobile consumer landscape.

This category is not open for entry, as nominations are submitted and selected by our independent panel of judges.

2017 Winner
This award is new for 2018


Fourth Industrial Revolution

As the fusion of technology between physical and digital continues to reshape how the world works, as we look to manage our burgeoning population and finite resources. There are key companies who are pioneering in creating services that are at the forefront of a digital shift. In this category, we seek to distinguish the organisations to watch across 7 market verticals. The highlight of this category is recognition of a City Authority who has re-set the bar for what it means to be a ‘Smart City’, the ultimate manifestation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Awards in this category are:

GLOMO Fourth Industrial Revolution

Best Mobile Innovation for Enterprise

Mobile is changing the way people live and work in corporations, hospitality, business, leisure and travel.

This award seeks to identify mobile-based innovation in the enterprise segment, from service innovation, building management, security, data management, CRM, building loyalty and enhancing productivity and much more in digitizing the workplace.

We want to hear from companies who are developing the landscape of mobile technology to deliver robust mobile strategies and intelligent mobile apps and best utilizing this within the business environment, with scalable and secure integration capabilities.

2017 Winner
New for 2018

Best Mobile Innovation for Health

The Best Mobile Innovation for Health Award recognises the broad range of innovation and advances in the growth and development of mobile connectivity to support the healthcare eco-system.

This includes all aspects of mobile medical healthcare products, services, solutions and applications that are emerging today, from de-centralised access to health services and remote diagnosis solutions, chronic disease management and healthcare monitoring to treatment compliance health coaching as well as everyday lifestyle apps for well-being and fitness.

The award highlights how, through mobile (or cellular) technology, one of the biggest challenges is being addressed today, that of how to make high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

Entries are welcome for mobile health products, devices, solutions, services, applications and initiatives for innovative prevention, diagnosis, treatments and health system services as well as many others.

2017 Winner
R/GA and Owlet Baby Care for Owlet

Best Mobile Innovation for Education

Mobile devices, technologies, applications and services are providing unique opportunities for academic institutions, businesses, teachers and trainers to develop and deliver educational learning & training, as well as manage education services and institutions more effectively and efficiently.

This includes traditional learning environments such as classrooms, workplaces, at home, community locations or in transit. The wider practice of mobile based education (which includes learning), enables teachers and institutions to be more efficient and make effective use of real-time and non-location specific systems for administration and communication.

This award reflects the rapid convergence of the mobile and education, highlighting key areas of genuine innovation throughout the world today. This includes tools for academic administrative efficiencies, dynamic timetabling, resource management or even cloud services such for data or system management tailored specifically to academic institutions.

2017 Winner
Robi Axiata Ltd for Robi-10 Minute School

Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive

The Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive award highlights best in class innovation in telematics, infotainment and the deployment of connected cars and vehicles and their associated services, products, applications and initiatives.
According to Business Insider The connected-car market is growing at a five-year compound annual growth rate of 45% — 10 times as fast as the overall car market. We expect that 75% of the estimated 92 million cars shipped globally in 2020 will be built with internet-connection hardware. Innovation is addressing all service categories, such as infotainment systems, connected navigation or telematics. In particular, this award is for mobile (or cellular) based solutions which foster wide-spread deployment of connected vehicles and their services.

Key aspects include

  • Promoting embedded mobile (or cellular) connectivity for systems and services
  • Demonstrating the enrichment of the driver’s experience and convenience, while ensuring safety e.g. entertainment, location and diagnostics (avoiding driver distraction)
  • The multiplier effect on the development for additional products, services and functionality
  • The potential for widespread implementation and sustainability, with no regulatory infringement
  • Promoting interoperability (e.g. simple to configure and little investment)

2017 Winner
Cisco Jasper Control Center for Connected Cars

Best Mobile Innovation for Payment

Mobile payment solutions, applications and services are rolling out around the world and bringing a host of innovative ‘cashless’ mobile services to users. From retail and online payments for mobile banking, ticketing and transport to a host of other credit and payment solutions, the opportunities for the financial services sector in partnership with the mobile industry are limitless, as are the benefits of convenience and value for users and customer experience.

The Best Mobile Innovation for Payment award recognises the scale and momentum behind convergence of the mobile and financial services sector focusing on innovative mobile development and roll-out.

2017 Winner
EcoNet Wireless and Mahindra Comviva for EcoCash

Best Mobile Innovation for Commerce

Mobile services are playing a pivotal role in driving dynamic new levels of brand engagement, interaction and activation, as well as bolstering physical traffic into traditional retail outlets to ensure that high streets and malls survive and thrive.

Well-designed retail experiences through mobile, combined with robust retail and commerce services are forging deeper and wider relationships with audiences, driving local economies and enabling new opportunities for innovation. Quite simply, mobile has become one of the strongest retail channels available.

Covering a broad range of services, applications, promotions, campaigns and initiatives, this award invites innovative submissions that could range from the use of mobile in couponing and loyalty, inventory management, distribution and operational logistics to brand campaigns, social media, browsing, trying, buying, online and in-store experiences.

2017 Winner
Shell and MOBGEN, part of Accenture Digital, for Shell Motorist App

Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities

This award aims to identify and recognise transformative, innovative contributions to the evolution of Smart Cities via the use of mobile technology and connectivity.

Entries are sought from a wide variety of organisations in the mobile and technology eco-system that address specific urban challenges, fuel economic activity, improve the environment, provide service or cost efficiencies for the city or improve the quality of life for citizens and visitors in a tangible, sustainable way.

These might include (but is not limited to) mobile products, services and applications that enable people to easily access information about city services, move around easily, improve the efficiency of a city’s operations, improve safety and security, tackle pollution and climate change or enhance everyday work and leisure experiences in the context of smarter living in the urban environment.

Judges will be looking for entries that demonstrate genuine innovation and new thinking to meet these challenges, which should not be conceptual but actual implementations to date in either emerging markets or advanced economies. Entries can either address specific urban challenges in a singular approach, or demonstrate a combination of applications, products or services that together enhance the management and coordination of smart city services via platforms, infrastructure, citizens and vehicles, to generate new insights, reduced costs and provide a range of connected services.

In essence, we are looking for product, technology, service or application innovation and/or new mobile business models that can or will create value beyond connectivity alone, making best use of new technologies such as sensors, combined with big data analytics to create value, attract entrepreneurship and foster ingenuity.

2017 Winner
KT for KT-MEG (Micro Energy Grid) Platform

Smart City Award (The Judges’ Choice)

A Smart City involves an eco-system of multi-stakeholders and utilises integrated Information and communication technology systems and data analytics to transform its culture, structure, operations, economic development and citizen engagement to manage complexity and dynamically improve and enhance quality of life.

This award recognises a city authority that has raised the bar on what being a ‘smart city’ is. Examples of a stellar smart city could include an authority which has made significant impact on citizen’s lives, examples of applications and services that have been digitally transformed could include:

  • Transport & Tourism: Public transport, traffic management, parking, visitors and tourism
  • Public Safety: Street lighting, crowd control and CCTV
  • Healthcare: Disease control, emergency response, patient services and authentication
  • Environment: Air quality, weather sensing and flood control
  • Utilities: Smart metering, waste management, sewerage, energy efficient buildings
  • Public Services: Citizen engagement, municipal services, infrastructure monitoring
  • Entertainment: Event management, recreation facilities and shopping malls
  • Commerce: Delivery logistics, retail and advertising

This award is not open for entry, as nominations are selected directly from our independent panel of leading influencer judges.

2017 Winner
This award is new for 2018



This category will celebrate the achievements in hardware developments that are stimulating advancements in the mobile sector. We want to see technology that is changing how consumers interact with devices. This category has a strong reputation for recognising market disruptors ahead of others!

Awards in this category are:

GLOMO Device

Best Smartphone (entry not required)

The Smartphone of the Year award combines outstanding performance, innovation and leadership as determined through assessment of smartphones on the market during 2017, by world leading independent analysts, journalists and influencers.

2017 Winners
Best Smartphone: Samsung for Galaxy S7 Edge

Disruptive Device Innovation (entry not required)

For core hardware and software innovation within smartphone devices themselves. From chips and processors to cameras, screens and other innovative technologies that advance the user experience and enhance smartphone capabilities, as determined by world leading independent analysts, journalists and influencers.

2017 Winners
Amazon for Amazon Echo

Best New Connected Mobile Device at MWC 2018 (entry not required)

For the best new smartphone, wearable, consumer electronics or other connected mobile device launched in early 2018. This must be unveiled or launched at Mobile World Congress 2018, as determined by independent world leading analysts, journalists and influencers who will vote on new devices seen during the first three days of the event.

2017 Winners
Sony for Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Best Wearable Mobile Technology

From the early success of fitness bands, watches, sports cameras and glasses, today’s wearable tech market is taking on new embedded shapes and forms and is morphing into new sectors, with new applications for work and play.

For many this sector is still in its infancy. This award provides a platform for the sector to highlight dynamic innovation and technology progress, from new technologies for fashion, healthcare, enterprise, and consumer industries as well as many other segments. The realm of possibilities for this sector continues to be potentially endless.

2017 Winner
Orange for Orange VR1

Best Connected Consumer Device

This award is for an everyday consumer electronic device or gadget that brings new and smart applications, efficiencies and functionality to the user, at home or on the move.  Including cameras, gadgets, household appliances, gaming consoles, music players, computer equipment, advertising or signage displays and other connected consumer devices.

Suitable entries should:

  • Promote mobile connectivity and innovation through smart applications and services that enable everyday appliances and everyday gadgets with connected intelligence
  • Demonstrate enriched user experiences (e.g. simple to configure and use, with seamless connectivity)
  • Have a potential for a multiplier effect on the development for additional products/services/functionality
  • Have great potential and a clear business case – with opportunities for widespread scalability and implementation

2017 Winner
Samsung for Samsung Gear S2


Content & Media

Digitally broadcast, streamed, created or owned, the digital content and media sector continues to grip global audiences as it develops new and exciting platforms to inform, educate and entertain everyone, everywhere. This exciting category awards the companies who are true content innovators.

Awards in this category are:

GLOMO Content & Media

Best Mobile VR or AR

If you avoided the subjects of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality this year, you may have been on another planet entirely. 2017 has been the year that VR and AR exploded into the mainstream. Predictions range from VR and AR devices becoming a $4Bn business by 2018 to $117Bn market for AR, and $33.9Bn for VR, by the year 2022.

This award seeks the very best and most innovative AR or VR implementation though creative digital technologies. AR that overlays virtual 3D graphics onto our view of the real world; and VR which immerses the user in 360 degree views of new worlds with little or no sensory input from the room your body is actually in.

2017 Winner
Blippar for Blippar

Best Mobile Video Content Service

With the explosive growth of video, some astonishing audience trends for multi-screening and the growth of video on demand streaming services TV broadcast are emerging. Viewing experiences were once confined to the living room, now mobile has untethered access to digital content. Mobile has unleashed a youth-quake of user generated content on video and social platforms across the world.

This award recognises the very best and most compelling content in the field of media, film, TV and video; driving consumer consumption and engagement on the move, as well as those forging technology innovation, such as UHD, IPTV and OTT.

2017 Winner
SK Telecom for oksusu (Jointly with SK Broadband)

Best Mobile Game

For Best Mobile Game, we are seeking a genuine technical, commercial or business model innovation in a mobile app that entertains consumer or enterprise users, with unprecedented new functionality, features, content, accessibility value or convenience.

This award aims to recognise developers that are moving the gaming experience and market to the next level, delivering the absolute best experience across all creative and technical fields.

The mobile game in question could be new, we do not necessarily need to see uptake in the market. We want our judges to spot the trending game before it trends. Innovation, the potential for longevity and a balanced business plan are the highest -ranking aspects we are looking for.

2017 Winner
The Category is new for 2018

Best Content & Media Innovation (Judges’ Choice)

Innovation is paramount in today’s effective deployment of content in a world where messages are becoming instantly global.

This award recognizes a stellar content marketing venture that has revolutionized how, when and where we consume content and media today. The winning company will score highly for insights, strategy and results across all product categories and reflect the way companies market their products globally.

This category is not open for entry, as nominations are selected directly from our independent panel of leading influencer judges.

2017 Winner
Niantic Inc. for Pokémon Go


Social Good

‘Creating a better future’ is the overarching theme for MWC18, so it is fitting that we award and recognise the companies who are dedicated to innovating for the communities which are most in need. The GSMA is committed to connecting everyone and everything to a #BetterFuture.

Awards in this category are:

GLOMO Social Good

Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets

Today there are over 5 billion unique mobile subscribers (August 2017) – each person now directly benefiting from and contributing to the digital economy. Despite this, a significant proportion of the population still remain offline, without access to the greatest economic enabler of our time.

Innovation has fuelled the drive to ‘connect the unconnected’, bringing affordable mobile voice and data communications to people for the very first time, as well as services and initiatives that have had a proven effect on the empowerment of people, as well as their social and economic well-being.

This award recognises genuine innovation in mobile initiatives, programmes, products, apps, services and devices that are having a tangible effect on the inclusion, accessibility and vitality of emerging markets and their digital economies.

2017 Winner
Reliance Jio Infocomm and Samsung Networks for Jio Digital Movement India

Best Mobile Innovation for Women in Emerging Markets

A significant gender gap in mobile phone ownership and usage in low- and middle- income countries is hindering growth for the mobile industry. Closing the gender gap can unlock a substantial market opportunity for the mobile industry, delivering significant socio-economic benefits and transforming women’s lives.

This award celebrates mobile products, services, distribution models, devices, applications or other innovations and partnerships that increase digital & financial inclusion for women in low- and middle-income countries. It also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular SDG 5: “to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.

2017 Winner
Jazz for JazzCash Mobile Account

Best Mobile Innovation supporting Emergency or Humanitarian Situations

Over the last decade, mobile has proven to be a critical tool during and following major humanitarian disasters and mass emergency situations that have afflicted the world, coming into its own with huge network, device, and application advances.

This award recognises its critical role as a vital lifeline in times of disaster. It is specifically for mobile services, initiatives, applications, solutions or products that have been in place, developed or deployed to provide emergency support to communities hit by natural disasters such as earthquakes, famine, tornadoes, floods etc. or other humanitarian disasters, such as refugee crises, conflict, terrorist attacks or epidemics, in terms of speed and scale of support or through innovation that provides new ways to save and enhance lives.

2017 Winner
Turkcell for ”Hello Hope” Mobile App for İntegration of Syrian Refugees

Best Use of Mobile for Accessibility & Inclusion

People with disabilities represent around 15% of the world’s population, or about 1 billion people.* This figure is increasing through population growth, medical advances and the ageing process.  The World Health Organisation also estimates that the world’s population of people who are 60 years of age and older has doubled since 1980 and is forecast to reach 2 billion by 2050.

This award recognises innovation in the vital development of mobile products, applications, services, devices and other initiatives and projects that enhance accessibility and inclusivity for billions of people afflicted with disabilities, both physical and mental impairments, as well as older users.
*Source: The United Nations Development Programme

2017 Winner
Turk Telekom and Boni for LOUD STEPS

The Green Mobile Award

The ‘Green Mobile Award’ is for mobile industry and broader mobile eco-system organisations that are focused on significant and innovative environmentally friendly policies, services, products, solutions and programmes or initiatives that tangibly reduce or offset carbon dioxide (or greenhouse gas) emissions.

This award recognises the role of mobile in the development of low carbon economies, industries and lifestyles through improved energy efficiency, carbon offset programmes alternative energy sources, recycling, conservation, travel, manufacturing and logistics cost reduction and eco-friendly consumption.

2017 Winner
Ericsson and Telenor Myanmar for Pure Solar Myanmar

Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs

In September 2015, the UN introduced its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)— a 17-point plan to end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality. They are the biggest attempt in the history of the human race to make the world a better place.

Mobile networks have the power to accelerate this journey in a way no other technology can. That is why we are united in support for helping tackle the SDGs. As the first industry to come together and get behind the UN, we will continue to ensure that connectivity plays a key role in helping achieve the 17 targets by 2030. To-date we have connected over half the planet, our purpose underlies our commitment to continue on this path and help shape a world in which we all benefit from the opportunities that connectivity delivers.

This exceptional award highlights the very best examples of mobile connectivity – by the global mobile eco-system – in supporting and contributing to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

2017 Winner
World Food Programme for ShareTheMeal

Government Excellence Awards

Every year we are delighted to present the Government Excellence Awards to governments who have fostered the true spirit of digitalisation in their national agenda. This year we are delighted to introduce an additional award, selected and presented by our Chairman, Sunil Bharti Mittal, for a government who has pushed the boundaries of innovation.

Awards in this category are:

GLOMO Government Excellence Award

Government Leadership Award

The GSMA’s Government Leadership Award recognises world-class leadership in the establishment of sound telecommunications regulatory policies, based on clear principles that encourage private investment, such as transparency, free and fair competition, and regulatory independence.


The deadline for entries is Wednesday 22nd November 2017. The award winner will be announced in February 2018 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


Past Winners
2005: The Federal Government of Brazil
2006: The Government of Pakistan
2007: The Republic of India
2008: The Arab Republic of Egypt
2009: The Government of France
2010: The Republic of Kenya
2011: The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
2012: The Republic of Colombia
2013: not awarded
2014: The Republic of Botswana
2015: The Federative Republic of Brazil
2016: The Federal Government of the United Mexican States
2017: The Government of Pakistan


Entry is open to all national governments. There is no entry fee for this award category.


Selection criteria
Entries for the Government Leadership Award will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Development of a regulatory and policy framework that balances the government’s and mobile industry’s interests
  • Good practice in terms of government transparency, predictability, public consultation and regulatory independence that promotes innovation and long-term investment
  • Developing and promoting policy proposals that accelerate the digital economy
  • Policies that facilitate access to mobile broadband
  • Policies that embrace the role of mobile in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 
  • Good management of spectrum, with a fee structure that encourages efficient usage and maximizes value to society

Category judges will include senior representatives from industry and academia.

Chairman’s Award for Government Innovation in an Emerging Market

The GSMA Chairman will give a discretionary award recognising an emerging country who has shown leadership and best practice in driving change to facilitate an enabling policy environment for mobile growth.

This category is NOT open for entry. The award winner will be selected by the GSMA Chairman and announced in February 2018 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Past winners
This award is new to 2018.

Chaque année, nous sommes ravis de décerner les « Government Excellence Awards » aux gouvernements qui ont su insuffler l’essence même du « spirit of digitalisation » à leur agenda national. Cette année, nous sommes heureux d’introduire un prix supplémentaire, sélectionné et présenté par notre président Sunil Bharti Mittal, récompensant le gouverneur qui a su repousser les limites de l’innovation.

Les prix dans cette catégorie sont :

GLOMO Government Excellence Award FR

Government Leadership Award

Le prix du Leadership gouvernemental de la GSMA récompense les gouvernements ayant fait preuve d’un leadership d’envergure mondiale dans la mise en place de politiques majeures de réglementation des télécommunications, fondées sur des principes clairs et qui encouragent les investissements privés, favorisant la transparence, la concurrence et l’indépendance réglementaire.


La date limite de dépôt de candidature est le mercredi 22 novembre 2017. Le gagnant sera annoncé en février 2018 lors du Mobile World Congress à Barcelone.


Les lauréats des années précédentes sont les suivants :

2005 : Le Gouvernement brésilien
2006 : Le Gouvernement pakistanais
2007 : Le Gouvernement indien
2008 : Le Gouvernement égyptien
2009 : Le Gouvernement français
2010 : Le Gouvernement kenyan
2011 : Le Gouvernement afghan
2012 : Le Gouvernement colombien
2013 : prix non décerné
2014: Le Gouvernement botswanais
2015 : Le Gouvernement brésilien
2016 : Le gouvernement Fédéral des États-Unis mexicains
2017 : Le gouvernement pakistanais


Admissibilité :

Le dépôt de candidatures est ouvert à tous les gouvernements nationaux. L’inscription n’entraîne aucun frais.


Critères de sélection :

Les candidats au Prix du Leadership gouvernemental seront jugés sur les critères suivants :


  • Développement d’un cadre réglementaire et stratégique répondant de manière équilibrée aux intérêts du gouvernement et de l’industrie mobile
  • Démonstration de bonnes pratiques en matière de transparence gouvernementale, de prévisibilité, de consultation publique et d’indépendance des autorités de régulation favorisant l’innovation, et l’investissement à long terme
  • Développement et promotion de politiques de régulation qui encouragent le développement de l’économie numérique
  • Mise en place de politiques qui facilitent l’accès au haut débit mobile
  • Mises en place de politiques qui mettent en valeur le rôle du mobile dans la réalisation des Objectifs de Développement Durables de l’ONU (ODDs)
  • Démonstration de compétences dans la gestion du spectre qui apportent une valeur ajoutée à la société

Le jury du Prix du Leadership Gouvernemental sera composé de représentants de l’industrie mobile et du monde universitaire.


Formulaires de candidature, documents justificatifs et formats:

Si vous souhaitez faire référence à un site internet, veuillez indiquer (1) une adresse web où toutes les informations spécifiques relatives à votre candidature pourront s’y trouver. Remarque : la GSMA n’aura pas le temps de parcourir les sites web à la recherche des informations. N’indiquez donc pas l’URL de votre page d’accueil ou une page d’index ; la meilleure URL possible doit fournir des informations spécifiques sur vos politiques.


Le formulaire de candidature en ligne propose une fonction de téléchargement permettant de fournir des contenus multimédias. Pour accompagner votre demande de candidature, vous pouvez charger jusqu’à cinq fichiers supplémentaires, d’une taille maximale de 5 Mo chacun. Il peut s’agir de projets gouvernementaux relatifs au haut débit, de fichiers d’illustration PDF, de photos au format JPG ou de présentations PowerPoint contenant des schémas techniques ou des données statistiques. Merci de vous assurer que ces fichiers aient un rapport pertinent avec votre candidature et ne comptent pas plus de deux pages chacun.


Nous vous encourageons à soumettre une vidéo existante pour appuyer votre candidature. Cette vidéo devra être mise en ligne sur YouTube, de manière publique ou privée (si la publication est privée, veuillez indiquer l’identifiant et le mot de passe qui permettront aux juges d’y accéder). La durée de cette vidéo ne devra pas dépasser cinq minutes.


Questions du formulaire de candidature :

En plus des coordonnées à fournir, vous devrez répondre aux cinq questions ci-dessous. La réponse à chaque question doit compter un maximum de 250 mots.


Questions :

  1. Quel est le nom de l’organisation soumettant cette candidature, et au nom de quel pays ?
  2. Quelle est, à votre avis, la principale réussite de ce pays au cours de l’année dernière en ce qui concerne l’élaboration de politiques relatives aux communications mobiles ?
  3. Quelles initiatives gouvernementales de ce pays ont encouragées avec succès l’innovation et/ou l’investissement dans le secteur du mobile ?
  4. Comment ce gouvernement a reconnu/intégré le mobile dans le succès de sa politique économique et sociale nationale (c’est-à-dire, au-delà du Ministère des Communications) ?
  5. Comment ont été promus les services mobiles à haut débit dans ce pays, et quelles initiatives ou reformes ont été mises en place pour assurer la disponibilité d’un spectre suffisant et approprié à l’industrie du mobile ?
Chairman’s Award for Government Innovation in an Emerging Market

Le Président de la GSMA attribuera un prix récompensant le pays émergent qui a su faire preuve d’un leader majeur et de pratiques exemplaires dans le cadre d’une initiative favorisant le changement et contribuant à un environnement politique favorable au développement de l’économie numérique.

Cette catégorie n’est PAS ouverte à candidature. Le gagnant du prix sera sélectionné par le président de GSMA et annoncé en février 2018 au Mobile World Congress à Barcelone, en Espagne.

Es un honor poder reconocer cada año a través de los Government Excellence Awards a aquellos gobiernos que han fomentado en su agenda política el auténtico espíritu de la digitalización. Este año nos complace incluir una nueva categoría, seleccionada y presentada por nuestro presidente, el señor Sunil Bharti Mittal, que premiará a aquel gobierno que ha apostado por la innovación.

Los premios en esta categoría son:

GLOMO Government Excellence Award ES

Government Leadership Award

El galardón al Liderazgo Gubernamental entregado por la GSMA reconoce la labor internacional para establecer políticas regulatorias de gran importancia, basadas en principios claros que promuevan la inversión privada, la transparencia, la competencia libre y justa, y la independencia regulatoria.


La fecha límite de inscripción es el miércoles 30 de noviembre de 2017. El ganador del premio será anunciado en febrero de 2017 durante el Mobile World Congress en Barcelona, España.


Anteriores Ganadores

2005: Gobierno Federal de Brasil

2006: Gobierno de Pakistán

2007: Gobierno de la India

2008: República Árabe de Egipto

2009: Gobierno de la República Francesa

2010: Gobierno de Kenia

2011: Gobierno de Afganistán

2012: Gobierno de Colombia

2013: n/a

2014: Gobierno de Botsuana

2015: Gobierno Federal de Brasil

2016: Gobierno Federal de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos

2017: Gobierno de Pakistán



La presentación de candidaturas está abierta a todos los gobiernos nacionales y es gratuita.


Criterios de Selección

Las candidaturas para el premio al Liderazgo Gubernamental serán valoradas bajo los siguientes criterios:

  • Desarrollo de un marco regulatorio y político que equilibre los intereses tanto del gobierno como de la industria de telefonía móvil,
  • Buenas prácticas en términos de transparencia, previsibilidad, consulta pública e independencia regulatoria del gobierno, que promuevan la innovación e inversión a largo plazo,
  • Desarrollo y promoción de políticas públicas que aceleren la economía digital
  • Políticas que faciliten el acceso a la banda ancha móvil,
  • Políticas que reconozcan el rol que la comunicación móvil juega en conseguir los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de las Naciones Unidas,
  • Buena gestión del espectro, con una estructura abierta que anime a su uso eficiente y maximice su valor social.

Los jurados en cada categoría contarán con la participación de altos representantes de la industria y la esfera académica.


Detalles de la inscripción

En caso de hacer referencia a páginas web durante el proceso de registro, por favor incluyan referencia sólo a una (1) URL que contenga información específica y relevante para el proceso de inscripción. Tenga en cuenta que GSMA no dispondrá de tiempo para navegar múltiples páginas web buscando la información relevante para su candidatura. Recomendamos, por tanto, que no incluya la URL de una página de inicio. La mejor opción es facilitarnos una URL que incluya información específica sobre sus políticas.

El formulario de inscripción en línea incluye una aplicación para subir contenidos multimedia. Podrá cargar hasta cinco (5) archivos adjuntos, de un máximo de 5MB cada uno. Estos archivos pueden ser muestras de planes gubernamentales para la banda ancha o ilustraciones en formato PDF, fotos en JPG o presentaciones en PowerPoint para mostrar diagramas técnicos o estadísticas. Por favor, asegúrese de que son documentos relevantes para su candidatura y que no superan las dos (2) páginas de largo.

Así mismo, animamos a los participantes a que incluyan un link a un video de apoyo a la candidatura. Este vídeo debe haber sido publicado en la plataforma YouTube, bien de manera pública o privada. En caso de que haya sido publicado de manera privada, por favor incluyan la información de acceso necesaria junto a la URL. El video no debe superar los cinco (5) minutos de duración.


Preguntas específicas de esta categoría:

Además de incluir su información de contacto, su inscripción debe responder a las siguientes preguntas (Se permiten un máximo de 250 palabras por respuesta.):

  1. ¿Cuál es el nombre de la organización que presenta esta candidatura y el país al que representa?
  2. ¿Cuál es el mejor ejemplo de políticas públicas aprobadas en dicho país durante el último año que aboguen por la difusión de la comunicación móvil?
  3. ¿Qué iniciativas gubernamentales de dicho país han fomentado satisfactoriamente la innovación y/o la inversión en la industria móvil?
  4. ¿Cómo se ha integrado/reconocido ‘la tecnología móvil’ en las políticas sociales y económicas más generales (por ejemplo, más allá del ministerio de Telecomunicaciones)?
  5. ¿Cómo se ha promovido la banda ancha móvil en dicho país, y qué iniciativas o reformas se han implementado para asegurar la disponibilidad de espectro suficiente y de calidad para la industria móvil?
Chairman’s Award for Government Innovation in an Emerging Market

El Presidente de GSMA hará entrega de un premio especial a un país emergente que haya demostrado liderazgo y buenas prácticas, con una iniciativa que fomente el cambio y facilite un contexto político favorable para el crecimiento de la tecnología móvil.

Este premio no está abierto a nominaciones ya que es otorgado por el Presidente de la GSMA de manera discrecional.


Outstanding Achievement

Behind every technological advancement and zeitgeist shift in the sector there is an individual who has relentlessly dedicated his or her time, resources and energy to make change possible. This category looks to honour these individuals and companies who have gone above and beyond to contribute positively to the connected digital community.

Awards in this category are:

GLOMO Outstanding Achievement

Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry

The GSMA’s Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry award annually recognises outstanding achievement in the mobile industry. The award honours individual or organisational achievements for technology advancements that are shaping the mobile sector, as we know it today.

This discretionary award is a personal honour for the recipient who is chosen by the GSMA alone. The category is NOT Open for entry.

Previous Winners
2002: NTTDoCoMo,Inc.
2003: Sir Christopher Gent, Vodafone Group
2004: Zhang LiGui, China Mobile
2005: The Brazilian Ministry of Communications
2006: Jorma Ollila, Nokia Corporation
2007: Mohamed Ibrahim, Chairman, Celtel
2008: Sunil Bharti Mittal, Founder, Chairman and Group CEO of Bharti Enterprises
2009: Jim Balsille & Mike Lazaridis, Co-CEOs of Research in Motion (RIM)
2010: Carl-Henric Svanberg, Former CEO of Ericsson
2011: Wang Jianzhou, Executive Chairman, China Mobile
2013: KT and SK Telecom of South Korea
2014: Dr Paul Jacobs, CEO & Chairman of Qualcomm Inc.
2015: Jamaludin Ibrahim, President & Group CEO, Axiata Group
2016: Aircel, Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular, Tata Teleservices, Telenor and Vodafone – India
2017: For Inspirational Efforts in Support of Syrian Refugees
Joint Winners: Asiacell, Deutsche Telekom, Turkcell, Zain and Vodafone

Women4Tech – Industry Leadership Award (Individuals)

GSMA Women4Tech focusses on successfully addressing the gender gap in the mobile industry. Gender equality in technology strengthens the industry and builds valuable professional communities and networks. It also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular SDG 5: “to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.

This special Women4Tech Award recognizes and celebrates leadership in the establishment of initiatives by people within the industry (males & females) to encourage and retain women and girls in the telecommunications industry or in the larger mobile entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are seeking industry nominations and entries that highlight and reflect the role of women in Women4Technology’s four focus areas:

  • Empowering Technology: equality in the workplace, career development, talent retention
  • Encouraging Technology: mentorship programmes, education, universities and/or youth programmes
  • Transforming Technology: communication & media, business verticals (fintech, retail, automotive, etc)
  • Innovating in Technology: entrepreneurship, startups and incubators supporting women and app development, vc’s

This category is free to enter

Winner in 2017
Iridiscent – Ms Anar Simpson

Women4Tech – Industry Leadership Award (Organisations)

GSMA Women4Tech focusses on successfully addressing the gender gap in the mobile industry. Gender equality in technology strengthens the industry and builds valuable professional communities and networks. It also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular SDG 5: “to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.

This special Women4Tech Award recognizes and celebrates leadership in the establishment of initiatives by people within the industry (males & females) to encourage and retain women and girls in the telecommunications industry or in the larger mobile entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are seeking nominations for organisations that highlight and reflect the role of women in Women4Technology’s four focus areas:

  • Empowering Technology: equality in the workplace, career development, talent retention
  • Encouraging Technology: mentorship programmes, education, universities and/or youth programmes
  • Transforming Technology: communication & media, business verticals (fintech, retail, automotive, etc)
  • Innovating in Technology: entrepreneurship, startups and incubators supporting women and app development, vc’s

This category is free to enter

Winner in 2017
Funkidz for Kidz Go Tech

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