Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

GSMA Innovation City


Explore and Connect with the Latest Mobile Innovation

Hall 4 Stand 4A10/ 4A30

Visit the GSMA Innovation City and experience the latest mobile connected products and services in a unique experiential environment.

The City was one of the most popular attractions last year welcoming nearly 30,000 visitors and will now take up residence in Hall 4 to accommodate for more immersive demonstrations in 2017.

Leading brands such as AT&T, Cisco Jasper, KT Corporation, Sierra Wireless and newcomers Huawei and UNLIMIT powered by Reliance will join the GSMA to showcase the latest technology in areas such as 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), security and identity.

The GSMA Innovation City will be open to all pass holders Monday to Thursday from 08:00.

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GSMA Innovation City Partners



AT&T Inc. helps millions around the globe connect with leading entertainment, mobile, high-speed Internet and voice services.

The Power of & is both at the heart of AT&T’s mission and booth, both literally and figuratively.

  • As one of the world’s largest providers of pay TV, AT&T is bringing entertainment to Barcelona. See how customers can take their TV with them data free with the DIRECTV Mobile App and DIRECTV NOW.
  • See inside our ever-evolving network and our evolution to 5G.
  • View live demonstrations on threat management and security, FlexWare and how near real-time information improves your visibility & control across security, networks, applications and platforms.
  • Visitors will be able to step inside the Internet of Things (IoT) to experience Smart Cities, connected cars, healthcare applications, and solutions such as fleet and asset management that help large and small companies keep their operations on track.
  • Experience connected race cars in 3D augmented reality to see how AT&T helps with ever-improving telemetry and analysis.
  • Explore AT&T Digital Life(r), an all-digital, fully integrated smart home security, automation and energy management IoT solution. Users can control their devices through a single platform experience available on web-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and even DIRECTV.
Cisco Jasper

Cisco Jasper is a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) platform technology, fuelling real business transformation worldwide. For more than a decade, companies of all sizes have used our managed connectivity platform, Control Centre, to automate the secure, reliable delivery of IoT services that deliver enhanced customer experiences and drive revenue.

Visit to the Cisco Jasper booth and walk through an immersive Smart City experience that illustrates how IoT is delivering new services that improve every aspect of our lives. Each demo provides real-life experiences, highlighting that IoT is not just the future – it is real today.

As visitors stroll through a scaled-down re-creation of a Smart City block, they will interact with the following Real IoT services:

  • Traffic lights that, as part of IoT-connected Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), dynamically adjust to help reduce traffic and pollution by keeping vehicles moving more smoothly through the city during commute times.
  • Smart parking meters that alert drivers when there is a nearby parking space available, reducing congestion by enabling drivers to find parking more efficiently.
  • Connected electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that help reduce range anxiety and encourage greater usage of EVs, further reducing pollution in crowded urban areas.
  • Health monitoring wearables that give the elderly population in today’s cities more freedom by ensuring that they remain connected to their loved ones, caregivers and healthcare providers.
  • Smart retail solutions that provide your local Mom & Pop shops with reliable point-of-sales solutions as well as innovative marketing tools that help them stay competitive.


Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider.
We will showcase five vertical industries using mobile scenarios reflecting the research direction of Huawei X LABS in 2017:

  • Connected drone: mobile broadband enabled battery charging on site, tracking in public safety, metropolitan precise positioning, site inspection and more.
  • Mobile gaming: motion Capture + VR, next generation gaming brings awesome multi-sense experience to you, which appeals massive connections, low latency and broad bandwidth supplied by future networks.
  • Connected car: in a simulated car, you can experience how a 5G network can manage crossroad vehicles, coordinate lane switching, vehicle platooning and more.
  • Mobile video: we will demonstrate 8K panorama living video onsite to demonstrate to delegates the most inspiring video experience in the future and how the network meets the big data surged by ‘big’ video.
  • Connected robotics: in the near future, robotics will replace people in some scenarios; we will showcase how the network enables robotics remote control and outdoor coordinating work.

We welcome more vertical industry partners join us to explore more X elements in MBB, let’s build a better connected world together

KT Corporation

KT Corporation

KT are pioneers in the development of 5G technology and 5G related services. As a leader of global ICT business, KT is ready to demonstrate its ICT capability as a ‘Global 5G Leader’ at MWC 2017.

Visit our booth and:

Experience our innovative 5G technologies and 5G infrastructure:

  • Meet 5G Real device and experience 5G speed and service connectivity
  • Check Giga Wire 2.0, an innovative internet service enabling copper lines to provide up to 1.4 Gbps

Explore through our world first trendy 5G based services:

  • Enjoy an exciting VR ride at our VR zone. Just take a seat and fasten the seatbelt; instantly you will have a compact VR trip to Korea with Korean celebrities or a VR luge ride
  • Experience our big data driven innovative solutions, KT-MEG (Micro Energy Grid) Platform, and Smart Gate, a key device to KT’s global ‘big data driven epidemic prevention project’ initiative
  • Meet our novel IoT devices: GiGA Eyes, a cloud based security camera, and NEOFIT, a health band with stunning new features of health related services
  • Check our world first integrated MFA device and platform, and cyber security solutions, Wiz Stick and Smishing Protection System
  • Try out our IoT jacket, a trendsetting maritime and mountain safety solution
Sierra Wireless


Sierra Wireless is building the Internet of Things with intelligent wireless solutions that empower organizations to innovate in the connected world. The Start with Sierra Experience will feature:

  • A chance to find out what it feels like to drive at the speed of sound
  • The opportunity to pilot a drone around Barcelona with our exclusive simulators that highlight hazards on land and in the sky to enable safe flight on a broad scale
  • A live-network demonstration of how next-generation LTE-M technology improves cellular coverage for smart water applications
UNLIMIT powered by Reliance


Unlimit, powered by Reliance, enables Indian and foreign companies to set up and grow their IoT business by getting to market faster, scaling quickly with high service reliability at low ownership costs. Unlimit has the following characteristics:

  • The first independent IoT business unit launched in India by a telecom company
  • The gateway to India for IoT for all global companies looking to access the Indian market
  • An exclusive partnership with Cisco Jasper for their world class IoT connectivity platform
  • Leverages Reliance Communications’ best LTE coverage in India

Visit us to experience:

  • Unlimit’s new application enablement platform where developers and customers can easily connect, manage and extend IoT deployments
  • Unlimit Control, the first Indian cloud based platform which enables you to launch, manage and monetize IoT/M2M services for connected devices

GSMA Programmes and Initiatives

Connected Living

Explore innovative solutions that demonstrate why mobile solutions are crucial for the successful scaling of the IoT, including:

  • Internet of the Seas – Connected Seals – Monitoring the well-being of marine mammals
  • Mobile IoT Showcase – Using new Mobile IoT technologies to build innovative solutions
  • The Future of Smart Cities – New innovations that make our cities smarter
  • Big Data – How Big Data is protecting the environment we live in
Personal Data

Explore the GSMA Innovation City to see how Mobile Connect is rapidly becoming the identity solution of choice for a new generation who demand security, privacy and convenience.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience demonstrations of Mobile Connect in a range of scenarios including:

  • Live services of Mobile Connect across Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe illustrating how the solution now allows consumers to access online services or authorise transactions.
  • Future scenarios where Mobile Connect could impact the daily life of consumers, combining the intrinsic convenience of the mobile phone and next-generation technologies. Examples of these future use cases include: verification when using a vending machine, use of face recognition for hotel check-in and unlocking a personal vehicle.
Network 2020

Visit Network 2020 and experience the latest innovations in Advanced Messaging, 4G Evolution and 5G.

GSMA Member’s Pavilion

The GSMA Members’ Lounge will host GSMA members exclusive cocktails Monday to Wednesday from 16:00 to 19:00 each day.

Mobile for Development

Join Mobile for Development at Innovation City to experience innovative mobile technologies that are transforming the lives of farmers and rural communities. The Mobile for Development Rural Village will allow you to interact with a range of mobile products and services, offering innovative solutions to everyday challenges, from weather forecasting and smart irrigation to solar energy, cooking gas, mobile health and mobile money.