26 February - 1 March 2018


Exhibitors represent all sectors of the mobile industry. Dedicated zones and pavilions throughout the main exhibition halls are designed to highlight these specific sectors.

Pavilions and zones included:

  • App Planet Exhibition: More than 200 app-specific exhibitors
  • Country Pavilions: Services and solutions from more than 30 countries around the world
  • Graphene Pavilion: Demonstrating how this transformative material impacts the mobile industry
  • Green Technology Pavilion: Companies creating efficient and sustainable products and solutions
  • GSMA Innovation City: See how mobile-connected products will enrich our living and working environment in cities across the world
  • GSMA Pavilion: Hosting GSMA’s many programmes and initiatives, including Mobile Commerce, Connected Living, Mobile for Development, and more
  • Internet of Things Pavilion: Witness how future technology will communication with each other
  • Mobile Cloud Pavilion: Demonstrating how mobile technology can benefit from integrating smart cloud solutions
  • NEXTech: VR/AR, robotics, drones, and artificial intelligence spaces – See the latest cutting-edge technology of the future at NEXTech!
  • NFC & Mobile Money Pavilion: Showcasing how smartphones and mobile money applications, are bringing changes to the way we move money
  • Wearables Pavilion: See the latest and greatest fun – and sometimes life-saving – wearable devices in the market


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