26 February - 1 March 2018

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Welcome to the Exhibitor Zone for Mobile World Congress!
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Online Event Manual

The Online Event Manual for Mobile World Congress 2019 is now live and includes all venue related information as well as logistical information for your stand(s).
The forms and deadlines section of the online event manual will be available shortly
Click Here to Access your Online Event Manual for Mobile World Congress 2019

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Live Floor Plan

To view your space and check technical plans for Mobile World Congress 2019 please Click here to access the Live Floor Plan

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Exhibitor Registration

The GSMA Mobile World Congress Exhibitor & Partner Invitation system will go live later this year where you can register your staff and guests. For further information, please check the Registration page in the Online Event Manual or Click here to find out more information.

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ServiFira eCommerce

The ServiFira eCommerce will be launched shortly. Please look out for your login email that will be sent in due course.
Please feel free to contact the ServiFira team if you have any queries:
Tel: +34 93 233 2000 or +34 902 233 200 (within Spain) 
Email: mwc@firabarcelona.com


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GSMA Customer Care Team

For General Exhibitor Support & Event Logistics, Forms and Deadlines, Online Event Manual login enquiries please contact:
Email: customercare@mobileworldcongress.com
Web: www.mobileworldcongress.com

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ServiFira Customer Service Team

Please feel free to contact the ServiFira team if you have any queries regarding additional products & services, ServiFira eCommerce logins or queries. Please note, the ServiFira eCommerce will be launched shortly. Please look out for your login email that will be sent in due course.

Tel: +34 93 233 2000 or +34 902 233 200 (within Spain) 
Email: mwc@firabarcelona.com

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Registration Team

For all Exhibitor Enquiries, Exhibitor and Partner Invitation, System (E&P) logins
Tel: +34 93 323 9270
Email: exhibitorregistration@mobileworldcongress.com

1 September – 31 December 2018: Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 18:00 CET
1 – 31 January 2019: Monday – Sunday, 09:00 – 19:00 CET
1 – 25 February 2019: Monday – Friday**, 08:00 – 19:00 CET
26 February – 31 August 2019: Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 CET
**Including two weekends before the event

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GSMA Press Enquiries

For all PR & Press Registration Enquiries please contact:
General Enquiries: press@mobileworldcongress.com
Registration: pressregistration@mobileworldcongress.com

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GSMA Sales Team

For all Sales, Exhibition space, Sponsorship, Digital products Enquiries please contact:
Email: sales@mobileworldcongress.com


Other Useful Information

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Exhibitor Checklist

A checklist will be available on the website shortly to track your ‘To Do List’ month by month.

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Transport and Accommodation

Contact our travel partner, b Network, to book your transport and accommodation
Tel: +34 93 550 0350
Fax: + 34 93 414 1786
Email: mobileworldcongress@b-network.com
Web: www.mobileworldcongress.b-network.com

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Rules & Regulations / Stand Packages

To check Rules and Regulations as well as what is included in your package, please Click Here

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Opening / Build up & Dismantling Schedule

To check opening, build-up and dismantling times and access, please Click Here


Exhibitor Key Contacts

Please see below a list of Exhibitor key contacts and show official recommended suppliers
Click Here for the full list of exhibition suppliers and contact details

Accommodation & Transportation

b network

Tel: +34 93 550 0350
Fax: +34 93 414 1786
Email: mobileworldcongress@b-network.com 
Web: www.mobileworldcongress.b-network.com

Additional Products & Services, ServiFira eCommerce Logins and Queries


Tel: +34 93 233 2000
902 233 200 (within Spain)
Email: mwc@firabarcelona.com  

Complex Stand Structures Approval

Graó Tècnic

Contact: Sergio Gonzalez / Sharon Li Lupo
Tel: +34 93 528 4000
Fax: +34 93 527 1114
Mobile: +34 67 096 5795
Email: mwc@graotecnic.com


Freeman Company
Click here to access the Live Floorplan

Onsite Handling & Rental of Machinery

Resa Expo Logistic

Contact: Jorge Reina
Tel: +34 93 233 4743
Fax: +34 93 263 1894
Email: jreina@resaexpo.com
Email: mwc@resaexpo.com

Shipping & Freight


Contact: Michael Armitage
Tel: +44 1732 885 131
Fax: +44 1732 887 789
Email: michael@ef-gsm.com  
Email: mobileworldcongress@ef-gsm.com

Site Visits

Fira Team

Tel: +34 93 233 2000
To arrange a site visit at Fira Gran Via please email mwc@firabarcelona.com
Please send your catering requests to acatering@firabarcelona.com

Stand Design & Build Approval


Tel: +44 20 8747 2045
Email: mobileworldcongress@abraxys.com

IT Services, Wi-Fi Enquiries & Policy

Fira IT Team

Tel: +34 93 233 3099
Email: mwc.internet@firabarcelona.com

Reserve your Exhibition Space

Contact our Sales team to book your space now
Tel: +44 20 7356 0616

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