26 February - 1 March 2018

Mobile World Scholar Challenge

Introducing the Mobile World Scholar Challenge, highlighting new and impactful ideas from the academic and research communities across the globe.

Embracing new ideas is the key to innovation and growth, be it an economy, an industry, a company, charity or individual. At Mobile World Congress, the largest and most important gathering for the mobile industry in the world, we are constantly looking to showcase cutting edge ideas poised to impact the mobile world.

For MWC 2018, we are introducing the Mobile World Scholar Challenge, which will highlight new and impactful ideas from the academic and research communities across the globe. We are seeking short-form videos, of no more than 3 minutes in duration, that promote “the science” as well as the potential “use cases” related to your research. The more applicable it is to mobile, the better.

Innovations of significant interest for this year’s challenge include:

• 4D Printing
• Artificial Intelligence Software – Machine Learning / Deep Learning Applications
• Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robotics
• Blockchain – (exc. Digital currencies)
• Digital Twin
• Hybrid Opto-electro Mechanical Devices at Nano Scale
• Mapping (indoor micro locations, deep 3d maps, autonomous movement)
• Material Science with applications in Battery Tech, screens, sensors, chip enhancement, devices, inductive roads, antennas, masts, etc

• Network Efficiency including cost reductions, low cost connectivity
• Neuromorphic Engineering Brain Computer Interface, Human Brain Project
• Optical Angular Momentum (e.g., twisted light)
• Optimized Content Delivery
• Quantum Computing (e.g., D-Wave)
• Radio Spectrum (e.g. efficiencies)
• Security and Data Protection
• Smart City
• Smart Clothing
• Volumetric Displays & Holographic Displays

If you have other topics that you believe have significant innovative use cases, we are happy to consider. Please feel free to submit but clearly state what Innovation Area it represents.


We will award three levels of prizes: Gold, Silver and Bronze. All prizewinners’ videos will be showcased at Mobile World Congress 2018, winning submitters recognized as “Mobile World Scholars” and receive a cash award of either £2,000 (Gold), £1,000 (Silver) or £500 (Bronze).

The Gold Prize Winners will be invited to attend Mobile World Congress 2018 as our guest – coach airfare, 4 nights hotel in Barcelona and an MWC18 Gold Pass on us! You may meet VIPs and CTOs and potentially speak on a panel in one of our MWC and/or 4 Years from Now (4YFN) sessions.


If you want to submit your video for consideration, please read the Mobile World Congress Scholar Challenge Official Rules and then click the link below to send the following information to our judges for consideration:

Please Include:

  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • University/Organization:
    (If a Team, please indicate Team Name and include all Team Members names in parentheses)
  • City and Country:
  • URL link to video:
  • 250 word description (include: how does your idea address the Challenge criteria?).

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By submitting your video for consideration, you agree to the Challenge Official Rules for yourself and represent that you have been authorized to accept on behalf of each member of your team (if applicable). You agree that GSMA can contact you at the email address provided above.

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