Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

Mass Transit Options

Metro Line 9

Metro L9 Sud is now fully operational and connects the Barcelona Airport to the city, with a stop directly underneath Fira Gran Via. Metro L9 intersects with other Metro lines at Zona Universitária, Collbanc and Torrassa stations, please see map. It will be the most convenient way for many attendees to reach and leave the venue.

Metro Line L9 FAQs

Can I take the Metro to/from the airport?

Yes! L9 Sud extends from both terminals at the airport and goes into the city.

MWC16 L9 Line Map

  • If you’re arriving in Terminal T1: From Baggage Claim, follow the signs to MWC Badge Collection; the T1 station is located adjacent to Badge Collection.
  • If you’re arriving in Terminal T2: Follow signs to the RENFE Station located across the street from the terminal (connected via air bridge). There you’ll find the Metro station adjacent to the RENFE station.

Tickets may be purchased from Machines at any station. Trains depart from the airport every 7 minutes, and the journey from the airport to Fira Gran Via is approximately 20 minutes. It’s incredibly convenient and isn’t impacted by traffic on the city streets.

Please note a small supplemental charge on top of the standard Metro ticket is required when traveling to the airport, but if you’re traveling during event days, this is included in your Free Transport Pass.

What Metro lines connect to L9?

Three popular Metro lines connect to L9 Sud:

  • Line 1 (L1, Red) intersects with L9 Sud at the Torrassa station
  • Line 3 (L3, Green) intersects with L9 Sud at the Zona Universitària station
  • Line 5 (L5, Blue) intersects with L9 Sud at the Collblanc station

These stations all fall North of Fira Gran Via. From the TMB Metro Map it might appear that you’re going out of your way to travel to these stations in order to transfer, but it’s actually quite convenient. Also, see the connection image sample below. Give it a try!

So I don’t have to change to the FGC from Plaça Espanya anymore?

Nope – those days are done!

The two Metro lines that go through Plaça Espanya are Line 1 (L1, Red) and Line 3 (L3, Green, both of which intersect with L9 at other stations. If you’re on Line 1, transfer to L9 at the Torrassa station, and if you’re on Line 3, transfer to L9 at the Zona Universitària station.

Can I use the Metro to get from Sants Estació train station?

Yes, you can! Exit the Sants Estació train station, and look for our satellite badge collection location on explanada Països Catalans.  Collect your badge, then board Line 5 (L5, Blue). Travel three stops and transfer to L9 at the Collblanc station. Take L9 to the Fira station.

Where do I get off the line for MWC?

There are two Metro stations that serve Fira Gran Via. The ‘Fira’ station sits directly underneath Hall 1.  The ‘Europa|Fira’ station is a three-minute walk from the South Entrance. You’re likely familiar with the Europa|Fira station already – it’s where our attendees catch the FGC train.

The station we recommend you use use is based on the fastest route to reach the hall you are going. If you are heading to halls 1, 2 or 3, disembark at Europa | Fira. If you are heading to Halls 4,5, 6,7, 8 and those without a badge disembark at Fira station for fastest access.

Can I use my Free Transport Pass on L9?

Absolutely. The Free Transport pass is good for all Metro and FGC trains on event days. The free pass even includes the supplemental charge required when taking the line to the Barcelona airport.

Remember: the free transport pass is valid during event days only, so if you’re using public transport over the weekend, you’ll need to purchase tickets for those days.

What are the Metro hours of service?
  • Mondays to Thursdays: 05:00 to 00:00 (midnight)
  • Fridays: 05:00 to 02:00
  • Saturdays: from 05:00 and runs all night
  • Sundays: until midnight
How frequent are trains on the Metro?

Trains depart the airport every seven minutes, and trains arrive every three minutes during peak hours. You won’t have to wait long for a train.

What hotels are along Metro L9?

Many hotels are served either directly by the new line or are easily accessible by connecting lines. Click here to see hotels served by the new line, or contact b network directly to book these accommodations.

What are the best lines to take?

L9 is the only line with a direct route to the venue. Three other lines, L1, L3 and L5 conveniently intersect with L9. View the Metro route map to determine which lines are convenient to your accommodation.

If you’ve booked your hotel through b network, your hotel confirmation email will contain a recommended public transport route specific to your chosen hotel.

Can I take the line over the weekend?

Yes – and we recommend trying out L9 over the weekend if you’re coming over to the venue. It’s a great idea to ensure you know where the stations are location and where to transfer before you’re caught up in the excitement of the show opening Monday morning.

Remember: With the Free Transport Pass you’re provided at Badge Collection is valid during event days only, so you’ll need to purchase tickets for weekend use. Tickets can be purchased from machines at any station.

Are there two Line 9s?

You might notice on the Metro route map that there’s an orange L9 on the lower left of the graphic and another orange L9 on the upper right of the graphic. Perhaps the two will connect one day, but for now, all references we make to L9 refer to the line on the lower left, which begins at Barcelona Airport.

Please check the following link for real time updates.

Also, you can download TMB app. Click on the icons below for more information:


FGC Train

Board any FGC train at Plaça Espanya Metro station and disembark at the third stop, Europa/Fira. The train journey takes seven minutes, and Fira Gran Via is a five minute walk from the station. About FGC Trains


Upon arrival at Sants Estació station, take Metro line 5 (blue) to Collblanc or line 3 (green) to Zona Universitària Transfer to metro L9 in Collblanc and Zona Universitàriaand disembark at the Fira metro Station, Fira.

Public Transport Pass

Upon Badge Collection, MWC attendees will be given one public transport pass providing free, unlimited Metro and FGC Train rides during event days (in the event of loss or damage, replacements will not be provided).

For any questions regarding the Free Transport Pass please visit the Transport Information Points in the South & North Entrances of Fira Gran Via. The desk will be staffed the following hours:

Bus H12

It’s a public bus that you can also use to reach Fira Gran Via Venue. It is a convenient option from Pl. Espanya to Europa | Fira. Click here to find more information.