Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

VIP Cars

VIP Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Guests utilising VIP cars and limousines are able to use our VIP Pick-Up and Drop-Off Point, located on the East end of Hall 3 (on Carrer de la Botànica). The VIP Drop-Off area is conveniently located near the Ministerial Programme and Conference venues, in Hall 4, and the VIP Networking Lounge between Halls 2 and 3.

The VIP Drop-off Point is intended for VIPs, namely CEOs and C-level attendees, including ministerial programme delegates. Attendees with EVP or Exhibitor badges using private transportation are encouraged to use the Private Shuttle Bus stop, located next to Hall 1.

To enter the VIP Drop-off Point cars will need to have a sticker in their windscreen. To apply for the VIP Car sticker exhibitors will need to apply through the Online Exhibitor Manual

The VIP Drop-Off Point is accessed through the underground Car Park E, located near Hall 6 on Carrer de la Botànica.Upon entering, drivers dropping off passengers will stay in the left lane; the right lane will take drivers to a holding area where they may wait for their occupants.

Drivers will not be allowed to enter the VIP Pick-up area at Hall 3 until they have received a call from their party that they are ready for pick up. Drivers will be allowed no more than five minutes loading time in the VIP Pick-Up Area. Passengers are encouraged to communicate with drivers to meet them at one of three specific zones to facilitate fast loading.

Tips for Drivers

  • Drivers are not required to possess MWC17 badges, but all other occupants in vehicles must possess a badge or be en route to pick up their badges.
  • Drivers may only pick-up and drop-off guests at the Official VIP Drop-Off Point. Passengers will not be allowed to disembark in other areas.
  • Guardia Urbana (Traffic Police) will not allow VIP cars to park around Gran Via. VIP Cars must wait in the holding area in Car Park E or at other locations away from the venue.
  • Drivers are requested to use these recommended routes to access the VIP area. These routes have been developed with Guardia Urbana to improve mobility around the venue.
  • All guests and drivers are required to follow the instructions of MWC staff in the holding area and VIP Drop-off Point. Failure to do so may result in immediate loss of access.
  • Please note seatbelt use in rear seats is required in Spain. The police will stop cars and fine the driver if guests in the rear are not wearing seatbelts.