Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

Custom Experience


Don’t leave your event experience to chance–make sure your time at MWC is well-planned and successful.  Tell us your business objectives while at Mobile World Congress and we will create a custom experience that matches your requirements. We’ll ensure that your time is focused on meeting the people and visiting the exhibits that make a difference for your organisation.

Corporate Experience is a tailor-made programme for executives seeking to advance their organisation’s mobile and technology strategy. Together, we will create an unrivalled experience by tailoring meetings with exhibitors relevant to your industry, introducing you to new business contacts, and showcasing new technologies that can improve your bottom-line.  This customised approach gives you the chance to learn about new mobile solutions, explore issues with experts and peers, and make lasting business relationships.
The Government to Business Experience connects government organisations with business leaders. We’ll work with you to design a unique programme that helps you reach your objectives. Our custom plan will help you make the most of your time while you learn about the latest technologies and meet with key businesses in the mobile ecosystem. You will be matched with corporate influencers and government officials based on mobile solutions that relate directly to the public policy landscape—everything from smart cities, to retail and health.

Let us create a customised experience for your organisation. To learn more, take a look at our video or contact us at

Corporate Experience Partner

Consumers in Motion Group works with organizations to create growth through innovative event curation, business and revenue development. We work with you to understand the impact of technology and consumer behavior on your consumers and organization.

We work with companies in three ways:

  • Custom Curated Experiences achieves months of business development in days. We curate mission-critical technology and start-ups to drive your business objectives and identify future products and services in line with changing consumer expectations. Learn more.
  • Power Performance is a program designed to increase advertising revenue. Power Performance evaluates the pillars of revenue growth, which are the product, the people, the presentation, the pricing, performance, positioning and the process. Power Performance is a proven process that has driven billions of dollars of advertising revenue.
  • FutureSync is an immersive and experiential learning process which we deliver via a custom workshop or via a keynote speech for your organisation.

Government to Business Experience Partner

International Policy Group (IPG) is a Public Affairs and Corporate Reputation management consultancy firm that brings government and business together to generate mutually beneficial relationships through the creation of positive relations for economic growth between both parties. IPG offers unique strategies for businesses to capitalise on the strong links fostered with local, national and international governments, parliaments, regulators and other stakeholders. For governments and other organisations, IPG provides strategies to attract investment and forge new working relations with businesses.

Custom Experience Partners

Award Solutions is the Technology Training Partner of Mobile World Congress 2016, and a trusted training partner to leading operators, manufacturers, and industry events worldwide. Award’s expertise spans advanced wireless and IP, as well as the emerging virtualization technologies currently redefining communication networks. Gain hands-on experience planning, managing, and troubleshooting virtual networks with our new Network Virtualization Training Lab, and learn why 98% of those attending our courses recommend our training to others.

Award Solutions has been recognized 8x in Best Companies to Work for in Texas, a program awarded to the best employers in Texas.

As a leading online marketing agency established in 2010, eStudio34 delivers complete online marketing strategies including: SEO, SEM, SMM and ASO in both English and Spanish speaking countries. With an extensive portfolio eStudio34 works with mobile start-ups such as Typeforn, Jobtoday and Alpify to increase their traffic, downloads and customer acquisition.

Mocentric is a technology driven mobile agency that represents brands across all verticals with a core focus on mobile marketing and user acquisition. Built on the platform used by today’s Fortune 500 brands, we empower our partners with customized campaign solutions, best in class customer service, cutting edge technology, and industry expertise. We offer an agency level of service without the high price tag.

Richard Knowlton Associates (RKA) advises international businesses on security risk management, with a focus on support to Boards and senior executives around strategy and organisational issues. We specialise in the management of cyber risks and work with both the public and the private sector to develop effective cyber awareness programs. With our associates and partners, we are also developing cyber hygiene certification programs to support businesses in securing their systems and supply chains.   We stress the importance of a “converged” approach, which integrates all aspects of security – technology, physical, people and processes – to mitigate the security threats we all face.

TPN’s Modal Dialogue™ ensures success in dynamic retail, by identifying a target’s retail mode of behaviour and creating content in sync with those modes.

Committed to making the buy happen for global brands, TPN celebrates more than three decades of reimagining retail. TPN is a part of The DAS Group of Companies, a division of Omnicom Group Inc.

Core services include: Shopper Marketing, Promotions, Digital Marketing, Retail-Technology, and Distributed Content & Brand Environments.

Offices: Austin, Bentonville, Chicago, Dallas, Hershey, Los Angeles, New York, Richmond, San Francisco and the UK. Recently named #4 on “Hub Top 20 List of Shopper Marketing Excellence”.