Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

Good To Go

Complete the Good To Go steps before arriving in Barcelona for the simplest and fastest-possible badge collection experience.

If you’re not Good to Go, you’ll spend your valuable onsite time finalising your registration before you can collect your badge.

There’s too much to see and do – so be sure you learn about and complete these four simple Good To Go steps:

Step 1: Complete Your Registration by entering your personal details in your registration account. Select the pass type that best fits your needs. Remember to opt in to My MWC Networking in order to connect with your fellow attendees.

Step 2: Submit Your Payment via credit card, bank / wire transfer, or enter your registration code.

Step 3: Input Your ID Details by submitting your Passport or EU National ID card information.

Step 4: Get Your Final Confirmation QR Code, which is available within the MY MWC event app or your registration account.

Once you’ve completed all four steps you are now Good to Go!  Simply show your QR code and required ID (Passport or EU National ID card) at badge collection to collect your printed badge.