26 February - 1 March 2018

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Keynote 4 – The Future of the Industry: Transatlantic Digital Policy and Regulation

Future Services Provider

Date & Time

Monday, 26 Feb

17:30 - 18:30


Hall 4 Auditorium 1


It is critically important that Europe and the United States remain on the vanguard of digital policy and regulation. Although there have been some significant policy differences between Europe and the United States, there is a shared, strong desire to find the best regulatory approaches to meet the changing economic and policy environment and, most important, the needs of their citizens.
In this Transatlantic Policy Keynote at Mobile World Congress, the key US and EU telecoms policymakers and the leading industry executives will engage in a discussion regarding digital policy and, in particular, how future policy decisions may affect their citizens. Participants will primarily focus on:
• The short and long-term goals associated with recent regulatory activities;
• The challenges being faced by mobile telecoms executives who are responsible for making major investment decisions; and
• Emerging policy topics fuelled by the rapid growth and evolution of the digital ecosystem, and the conditions that are likely to generate the best social and economic outcomes