26 February - 1 March 2018

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Andi Dervishi

Andi Dervishi


Chief Investment Officer & Global Head, Fintech, ePayments and New Finance




Andi Dervishi founded and leads IFC’s FinTech Investments Group.  An entrepreneur at heart turned venture capitalist, he enjoys identifying good companies with excellent management teams and helping them build their business.  Andi started investing in his native country, Albania, in a number of industries.  For IFC he has invested around the world, in over 30 countries.  During the past decade he and his team have focused exclusively on FinTech, helping IFC build the largest dedicated fintech portfolio in emerging markets.  He is involved in all aspects of the business, from marketing, sourcing, selecting and managing to exiting.  Andi represents IFC in a few boards where he takes active part in multiple committees to help management teams establish strategy, define objectives, ensure internal and external alignment for simple and effective execution.

Andi is a student of money and finance – he uses historical perspectives to form very long-term views on the future of financial infrastructure, banking, lending, insurance, capital markets and ultimately money itself.  Those views form the foundation for the Group’s operations, the portfolio build up and composition, as well as the timing of exits.  He has a BS summa cum laude in Linguistics from the University of Tirana in Albania and an MBA from Emory University in the USA.