26 February - 1 March 2018


David Parker

David Parker




Polymath Consulting


David is the founder and CEO of Polymath Consulting who work on projects and advise organisations across the Cards & Payments industry.

Polymath Consulting and David are particularly well known for their work on E-money & Emerging Payments.

David is also an active mentor, NED and advisor to boards including:  Cybertonica, Stylopay and Curve.

In consultancy he has worked across the complete value chain helping banks with their overall E-Money/Prepaid and Emerging Payments strategy right through to market entry analysis; as well as working with telcos, processors and  programme managers on segment analysis, certification and membership applications.

Geographically his client assignments have covered Russia, South Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia; in reality clients have come from all continents other an Antarctic.

He is an active contributor to forums on linkedin and a regular media commentator on the future of e-money/emerging payments.

He is co-chair of the People in Emerging Payments forum on linkedin and chairs conferences and events from Mumbai to Moscow; Las Vegas to London and Johannesburg/Nairobi in Africa to Colombo/Sri Lanka.