26 February - 1 March 2018


Jefferson Wang

Jefferson Wang


Senior Partner


IBB Consulting


Jefferson Wang is a senior partner at IBB Consulting, leading the firm’s innovation and mobility efforts. As next generation networks transform and converge, a post-smartphone world of devices will distribute compute power and enable immersive experiences. But these low-latency networks that support billions of devices and services will all generate massive amounts of information. Jefferson leads work with operators and enterprises to develop strategies that unlock the value of this immersive world. This work is grounded in his belief that true “artificial intelligence” will take time to fully realize and rely on core capabilities across natural language processing, computer vision, data mining and machine learning, For the past 16 years, Jefferson has demonstrated a passion for end-to-end product development that helps clients pursue innovation opportunities. He started his career as a hands-on engineer, developing iconic smartphones, tablets and wearables, and leading chipset selections, platform decisions, operating system customization and carrier certification. This work continues today to realize VR/AR consumer and enterprise benefits, define the verticals and use cases to crystallize the buzzword IoT, and capitalize on the value of smart and fast information. Throughout every client engagement, Jefferson has repeatedly demonstrated the capability to unify cross-functional teams and technology partners to achieve early launch dates. Jefferson holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.