26 February - 1 March 2018


José Maria Lassalle

José Maria Lassalle


Secretary of State for Information Society and Digital Agenda




Santander, 1966. Secretary of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda since November 2016. Secretary of State for Culture (2011-2016). Member of Parliament from Cantabria (2004-2011). Secretary of Culture of the National Executive Committee of the People’s Party. 
Doctor of Laws (Universidad de Cantabria). Lecturer of Philosophy of Law at the Universidad de Cantabria (1996-2000) and at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2001-2003); of Comparative Political Systems at the Universidad San Pablo-CEU de Madrid (2003-2006); and of History of Political Ideas at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid (2006-2008).
Until 2011 he was Lecturer at the Philosophy of Law Department of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid.
Deputy Director of the Isabel de España Residence Hall (2002-2003) and Director of the Carolina Foundation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2003-2004).
He writes frequently for different media such as ABC, El País, Diario Montañés or Revista de Occidente and used to be a fixed guest in a readio programme in Cadena SER.
Among his most notable works are John Locke and the modern fundamentals of property (Dickinson-Universidad Carlos III, 2001), Locke, Liberalism and property (Colegio Registradores de la Propiedad, 2003) and Liberals. Civic commitment with virtue (Debate, 2010).