26 February - 1 March 2018


Juan Carlos Garcia Lopez

Juan Carlos Garcia Lopez


Global Director Technology & Architecture GCTIO




Juan Carlos is Director of Technology and Architecture inside the global Systems and Networks unit, covering access, transport and core networks, platforms and IT. He is Telefonica’s representative at the GSMA Technology Group and at the NGMN Board.
From 2015 till October 2017, he has the role of Director of Radio Access Technology and led the Transport Optimization Program for all Fixed-Mobile operations in Latam.
From 2011 to 2014, he is based in Munich and works as VP of Transport and Fixed and Mobile Access Engineering at Telefonica Germany, leading the Network Development plans (LTE, Fiber backhaul, Ethernet migration, VDSL…), the rollout strategy and the discussion with technology partners and other operators for collaboration and sharing.
Since 2006, he plays different roles as Director at the Telefonica Global CTO unit: Operations and Plans (2010-11), Transport, Architecture and Plans (2008-9), Fixed Access Technology (2006-7).
Before that, he works in Telefonica Data Europe as Deputy Director for Business Development (Italy 2000-2, Germany 2003-5) developing Fixed Business (ADSL, voice) in these markets.
He works 2 years in Telefonica Latam 1998-2000 as Manager at the Operations & Resources unit, where he gets a good insight into the Latam Telco market and operations.
He starts his career in Telefonica R&D in 1990 working in parallel as professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid, till 1997 when he spends one year in BellCore Labs (NJ, USA) in an international research project.
He has a Telecom Engineer degree at the Politechnical University of Madrid.