26 February - 1 March 2018


Stephen Buck

Stephen  Buck


Product Director


Evolved Intelligence


Steve has over 30 years’ experience in mobile telecoms in engineering and marketing roles for both equipment manufacturers and mobile operators. He has experience of fraud, identity and risk products for enterprises including banks, retailers, public sector and other verticals.
In the 1980s Steve worked for Racal Research (which spawned Vodafone) doing R&D for what was to become GSM technology and he made the first GSM call in the UK in 1986. He joined Motorola in 1988 leading the definition of the GSM standards for phase 1 and 2 into the early 90s, heading up Motorola’s GSM firmware development and managing the development of new base stations.
He joined Aethos in 1995 as product director, running marketing, product management and development; supporting several tens of millions of prepay subscribers. Logica acquired Aethos in 1998. Steve continued to lead prepay delivering the first network solution for prepay messaging and subsequently ran product management for MMS for Logica.
Steve was VP Products for T-Mobile (UK) from 2004 to 2009 launching a number of innovative and prize winning services including the first true mobile internet service in the UK. Steve joined NSN (Nokia networks) in 2009 where he ran the $200M customer experience business. After a brief stint with Amdocs in OSS, Steve ran Product Management for Equifax.
Steve joined Evolved Intelligence in 2015 as Product Director providing SS7 signalling fraud, security and value-added roaming solutions to mobile operators and their signalling providers.