26 February - 1 March 2018


Suman Kanuganti

Suman Kanuganti






Internationally recognized, Suman Kanuganti is Co-Founder & CEO of Aira, an emerging high-tech startup that is the first to bridge the information gap for those with vision loss.

Under Suman, Aira integrates leading technologies (such as smart glasses, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality) — plus interaction of the company’s network of trained remote human and autonomous agents — to permit blind and visually impaired people to access virtually any information and daily assistance in the physical and digital world, when and where they want it. Thus, Aira is rede?ning freedom, mobility and productivity for the 285 million people globally (including the approximately 23 million in America) with vision loss.

In his noted career, which has also included leadership posts at Intuit and Qualcomm, he has been awarded 5 patents (as inventor or co-inventor) in interactive computer devices. He founded Aira in 2015, and has led the company in receiving key industry awards in technology, including being named the 2017 Startup of the Year by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Best New Technology ( by PC Magazine) at CES 2017, and Best in Show by CNN at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. Suman holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies from the UC San Diego Rady School of Management; a Master's in Computer Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a Bachelor's in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kakatiya University, India.