Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

AR/VR Software, Platforms and UIs



Date & Time

Thursday, 02 Mar 2017

11:30 - 13:00


Hall 4 Auditorium 4


As with most emerging hardware platforms, success and uptake is dependent on a number of software centric issues such as: quality of developer tools and platforms, UI and the user experience it dictates, quality of content supported. AR and VR will share a number of common solutions in this field due to the similar nature of their function. The melding of AR and VR will further contribute to the interoperability of software solutions. The AR/VR software market will overtake the hardware market in terms of value in the next few years. That being said, the different segments each market serves (enterprise and consumer) will demand very different functionalities and requirements from a software and content point of view. In addition, emerging UIs that fully leverage the medium, such as gesture control and spatial computing will create new challenges and opportunities for software, product and service developers.

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