Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

Disruption at the Network Edge



Date & Time

Wednesday, 01 Mar 2017

14:15 - 15:40


Hall 4 Auditorium 3


The growth in network traffic to be managed in the coming years is staggering, no matter whose projections you use. It will demand massive boosts in RAN, backhaul and fronthaul resources. At a time when many operators’ revenues are stable or declining, how can these demands be met without proving ruinously expensive? Only through radical reinvention of the technology and business models being used. Happily, such reinvention is taking place and is producing exciting results. In this session we share some of the most striking from around the world.

Moderator Introduction
Monica Paolini, Founder & President, Senza Fili
Fireside Chat
Günther Ottendorfer, COO, Technology, Sprint
Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, CTO, Deutsche Telekom
Michael Clever, SVP Mobile Broadband, Nokia
Fireside Chat
Steve Papa, CEO, Parallel Wireless
Fireside Chat
Steve Greaves, Co-Founder & CEO, CCS
Fireside Chat
JP Hemingway, CMO, O3B Networks
Panel Discussion
All above speakers