Barcelona 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017

Keynote 8: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution


Date & Time

Wednesday, 01 Mar 2017

09:00 - 10:30


Hall 4 Auditorium 1


We are at the beginning of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we interact with each other, our working environment, companies, brands and governments. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unprecedented. One of its key tenets is the need for a complex ecosystem of organisations, from commercial companies to regulators and civic institutions and many more, to work in harmony and at a tremendous scale to unlock the potential of this technological, industrial and social revolution.
Mobile has connected nearly 5 billion people with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge, but this is just the start. The addition of usable big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, and quantum computing will enable a more intelligent and efficient world.
This keynote will feature key players from across this diverse ecosystem from enablers to users of the technology required to drive The Fourth Industrial Revolution.